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Part8 of leaked content from private torrent tracker.




Wow! Amazing collection - you must have one hell of a ratio over there. Thanks so much for sharing your bounty with us here.

It was back in 2017 where I did a professional super dryclean
I was a tracker trader, and to that time very much interested in occult material, I used to trade mostly to obtain 1x account 4x high level trackers. I used in total 20 accounts to clean them dry and fake ratio. I was a tracker trader only for one reason, to get all selfhelp and knowledge related trackers, I did clean also little bit thevault, theplace and thegeeks. TV around 1TB, TP around 2TB and TG about 120GB. If someone needs some invites at some interesting private torrent trackers besides .click ones, you could pm me.
They were pissed off as they cathed me @theoccult, now due to the leaks they should be more and more pissed I assume :)
In total I collected selfhelp material of 50TB during the last 5 years., occult was one ov my favourite hunts I was after :)
Now since a time I stopped collecting.

That's amazing, good job! I have found out from other trackers with ratios that there are ways of hacking the system to get almost unlimited ratio. But I haven't really needed to do that. I also have been quite interested in the content of TheOccult. I had been a member there upwards of 12 years ago, but got banned for some reason I cannot remember. They are known to be very strict, of course. So it's good to see somebody sort of standing up to them by leaking tons of their content!

The reason utorrent 2.2.1 is banned I assume it was due to my faking ratios at theoccult. I noticed it after I had a good run with my fake app, they were really pissed off to catch me each time so they forbid 2.2.1 client. After a time I suppose after they started contacting other high level trackers about me and the professional fake simulation using 2.2.1 as a client in that app. In addition I also faked at TP and TV to that time, that was too much for them :)
In 2017 I remember few tracker traders had hacked theplace and thegeeks accounts, I am not sure about theoccult and thevault if it was also possible to do that, so if some might have a few skills or talents or have friends that can, you can try your luck. There are applications and methods on the internet. I would also look at for new exploits of the mysql db and so on.

In my opinion computer is a virtual life which might have not much to do with real life such as downloading copyright material and hacking shit in comparission with stealing, in my opinion knowledge should be for free to anybody, the people at .click sites are idiots and assholes over there, if they dont let people download, have restrictions, ban people a lot, being unfriendly etc they deserve it what they put in into life and they get it back in any kindly truely manner :)
We are living in a brain wash controlled matrix nowdays, if the state says dont download copyright material or any other rules they want to put on mankind, we should not take attention on that. The movie "they live" from 1988 is what the evil powers like to show the truth whats really going on on earth, buy, consume etc, its worth to watch it again to see through.

I guess everything what is public might have been created/made for a reason, to obtain full controll over humanoids. As far as I know the annunaki have to do with it, so the theory and philosophy might be even occult material have been made public to confuse mankind and bring the individual out of his real path. There might be truth in a few books such as from Grigori Grabovoi and Thomas Veit which are esoteric too.

These are words I wanted to bring out by the way, the truth we need to find ourselves, the truth might lay inside of us and not outside in material world.

'nuff said!

To use always backups for your selfhelp ebooks, abooks, vids.
I had already many many failed drives, if I would not have any backups made, many times theoccult content would be lost already.

Thank you

Maybe some day when the times comes, I will upload the leak of the bibliotik private torrent tracker. Its about 5TB only non-fiction. Dry cleaned I would guess around 75% of all 350K non-fiction ebook and abook material.

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