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Part24 of leaked content from private torrent tracker.




Thanks again for these massive uploads and archives you have shared with us here on ConCen.

Thanks from me too. Need to get a few more external hard drives to save these.

and the amazing staff keeps coming! I am trying to seed as much as I can... Thank you!!!

I can't download it, can anyone kindly seed?

I have been trying to download this for a month now. I got a little bit but that hasn't change din a while.
Seed please.

Continued seeding will likely be a common problem for these huge archives for the foreseeable future, unfortunately, as none of them can really be archived on seedboxes etc.

I think the problem is that we do not have one seed to work with in order for the rest of us to get these files. Since this material is so useful, unique, and very hard to get I have been seeding all of these amazing collection sets, except this one and non-dualism since I do not yet have them. There is also a couple of tinny files missing in Content Leaked (Part16) Everything Else Freemasonry Golden Dawn Grimoires - but I am also seeding this download.

Hopefully we can get a working download to work with soon!

Anyone download the files completely? Looking for someone to reseed. Thank you.

light7568 wrote:

Anyone download the files completely? Looking for someone to reseed. Thank you.

For the original downloader to make this content available to us. I tried a few times to contact him on Wickr Me but no reply so far. ac1dangel must be really busy or simply out of reach. Has anyone else tried contacting ac1dangel?