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Part19 of leaked content from private torrent tracker.




Thank you

so rare to see someone share sacred geometry stuff...appreciated!

Whats up administrators, moderators and operators and motherfuckers, I could imagine you are looking twice a day here and lurking and observing and are frustrating and getting slowly angry seeing some of your fine bought content is leaking at ;)

I could say fuck off you damn idiots of your fine priv8 tracker and to all concen people let us again ready to rumbeleeee..



:) gained fame now due to the leak, after that comes the bibliotik nonfiction leak when I will have the opportunity for that.

Serves you butt-ocks right for not letting us in! Bet your one of those trackers that log incoming and outgoing so new members cant download more than 1 thing until they seed it 500 times; then you get bumped up to 2 downloads. Dont you love KARMA! Thx Ac1d! or should I say Edward Snowden of occult! Expose that S**T!

Back when I was a member, it was called "". They had a huge SATANISM section. It's still there except they changed the name to "Traditional Left-hand Path" (This is kind of equivalent to Mark Zuckerberg changing the name of FaceBook to "Meta". Does he really think we won't notice that his product is still just as evil).

Looking forward to getting: " Content Leaked (Part24) New Age.torrent" -- I'm now stuck at 1.3% with ZERO seeders and 33 PEERS. And all of the PEERS are stuck at 1.3% too.

Thanks, Fritz. Based on space, I skipped the New Age one (and the Left Hand One, actually)

But just out of curiosity, do you have suggestions or recommendations to make future torrents work better? If you or anyone can share ideal optimization, maybe it will help one of us going forward.