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Theo Paijmans - Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely (1998)

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This is Theo Paijmans's epic book Free Energy Pioneer - John Worrell Keely (1998) which is an unique journey through the free-energy research underground and the secret traditions of occult technology, focusing on the inventions of John Worrell Keely, the world's free-energy pioneer. Over a century ago, a Philadelphia man made the most important discovery of all time: the mysterious source of free, unlimited energy. Keely built 2,000+ free-energy machines to run his esoteric force and experimented with anti-gravity and the disintegration of solid matter. Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne and Thomas Edison all admired Keely's work as much early science fiction was based upon Keely's theories. With many illustrations of Keely's inventions and diagrams of his theories, Free Energy Pioneer also explores secret societies and occult orders, examines the influence of these mysterious techno-occultists and their incredible ideas and discusses Keely's final idea: the ultimate evolution of humans through free-energy. 450 pages. many pictures. A must read for everyone.