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thedarkoverlord "9/11 Papers" MegaLeak encrypted archive

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NOTICE: This is encrypted with an unreleased password. Do not download unless you are willing to wait...


I am willing to wait.

For a little while I own small collection of 9/11 information will be added to, I hope.

... it would be great if they had smoking gun evidence of government complicity in 9/11. It might even wake some sheep up.

Here are the keys to layer 1 and 2. Lets hope to get the rest of the keys.

Layer 1 - uS\gY(oY@(5e=#(8e2nXOZ:9.DqK#abx>v4YUPqlb*~`d$76?VFZPN0Bh2\6vT=N
Layer 2 - 8JYIy&BRIkLi\<7mku]nJGRS9YXwXs#udwvCr`]MT`V02"8@J0c%9ZC/*t7'r&@W

Use VeraCrypt to open the layers.