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TheBlackPacket - DocuDump #4 - 75 Environment And Survival Documentaries - Part1 - The Environment (clownSEC)

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TheBlackPacket - DocuDump #4 - 75 Environment And Survival Documentaries - Part1 - The Environment (clownSEC)

A collection of documentaries years in the making.

A special thanks to Ognir and the communities that give uploaders a home such as Concen, MVgroup, and yes even KAT, among others. Without them many of these documentaries would not be available.

Various volunteer members of "the black packet" have assembled online to bring these documentaries back, or add redundancy to the already existing backups.

Without education how can the public make an informed decision?
This is why we aim to keep these documentaries "well seeded" and available for all those who seek their contents.

Expect many more uploads coming soon. If you have a seedbox or are generous with your resources, please consider being part of this "black packet" by seeding as long as you can and searching out more torrents by searching 'theblackpacket'!

Documentaries Include:

A Crude Awakening
Addicted to Plastic
BBC - Five Ways To Save The World
BBC - Planet Oil
CBC - Doc Zone - Battle of the Bag (2012)
CBC - Doc Zone - Blowout (2014)
CBC - Doc Zone - Carbon Hunters (2014)
CBC - Doc Zone - Life Below Zero (2011)
CBC - Doc Zone - Playing God With Planet Earth (2014)
CBC - Doc Zone - Weather Gone Wild (2014)
CBC - Doc Zone - Zoo Revolution (2013)
CBC - Our World Environmental Revolution
Ch4 Dispatches - The Great Car Con
Doc Zone - Surviving The Future (2014)
Eco-Pirate - The Story of Paul Watson
Garbage Warrior
PBS - e2 - Energy - 1of6 - Harvesting the Wind
PBS - e2 - Energy - 2of6 - Energy for a Developing World
PBS - e2 - Energy - 3of6 - Paving the Way
PBS - e2 - Energy - 4of6 - Growing Energy
PBS - e2 - Energy - 5of6 - State of Resolve
PBS - e2 - Energy - 6of6 - Coal and Nuclear Problem or Solution
PBS - Thirst - Privatizing Water
The Great Global Warming Swindle
Trashopolis - Season One - 1of5 - New York
Trashopolis - Season One - 2of5 - Cairo
Trashopolis - Season One - 3of5 - Paris
Trashopolis - Season One - 4of5 - Rome
Trashopolis - Season One - 5of5 - London