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TheBlackPacket - DocuDump #1 - 70 Computer And Hacking Documentaries (clownSEC)

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TheBlackPacket - DocuDump #1 - 70 Computer And Hacking Documentaries (clownSEC) PART OF THE BLACK PACKET DOCU-DUMP. (Documentary Dump) A collection of documentaries years in the making. A special thanks to Ognir and the communities that give uploaders a home such as Concen, MVgroup, and yes even KAT, among others. Without them many of these documentaries would not be available. Various volunteer members of "the black packet" have assembled online to bring these documentaries back, or add redundancy to the already existing backups. Without education how can the public make an informed decision? This is why we aim to keep these documentaries "well seeded" and available for all those who seek their contents. Expect many more uploads coming soon. If you have a seedbox or are generous with your resources, please consider being part of this "black packet" by seeding as long as you can and searching out more torrents by searching 'theblackpacket'! Documentaries Include: Atari - Game Over BBC - Electric Dreams - 1of3 - The 1970s BBC - Electric Dreams - 2of3 - The 1980s BBC - Electric Dreams - 3of3 - The 1990s BBC - The Two Thousand Year Old Computer BBC - Horizon - Defeating the Hackers (2013) BBC - Panorama - Hacking Power Corruption and Lies (2014) BBC - Storyville - Google and the World Brain (2013) BBC - Storyville - How Hackers Changed the World - We Are Legion (2013) BBS Documentary - HPAC (2005) CBC - Doc Zone - Are We Digital Dummies (2014) CBC - Doc Zone - Deluged By Data (2015) CBC - Doc Zone - Web Warriors (2014) CBC - The End - 1of3 - Radio CBC - The End - 2of3 - Television CBC - The End - 3of3 - Print CBC - Web Warriors CBC - Marketplace - Can You Hack It Ch4 - Dispatches - How To Stop Your Nuisance Calls Ch4 - Wikileaks Secrets and Lies (2013) Defcon - The Documentary (2013) Discovery - Gamer Revolution - 1of2 Discovery - Gamer Revolution - 2of2 Discovery - Hackers - Outlaws and Angels Discovery - The Secret History Of Hacking Freedom Downtime HBO - Hacking - Democracy HackTV - Hacking Television Show Episode 00 HackTV - Hacking Television Show Episode 01 HackTV - Hacking Television Show Episode 02 HackTV - Hacking Television Show Episode 03 Hackers - Wizards of the Electronic Age Hackers 95 by Phon-E and R.F. Burns (1995) Hackers Are People Too (2008) Hackers Wanted Hackers in Wonderland Hacking Group The Realm and Electron (2002) Hacks (1997) Hippies From Hell History Channel - Thinking Machines - The Creation of the Computer Horizon - Inside The Dark Web (2014) How its Made - Microprocessors, Circuit Boards, Compact Discs, Computers and more In The Realm Of The Hackers Militainment Inc. The Militarization of Pop Culture National Geographic - Naked Science Star Clock aka Ancient Computer New York City Hackers (2000) PBS - Triumph of the Nerds - The Rise of Accidental Empires - 1of3 PBS - Triumph of the Nerds - The Rise of Accidental Empires - 2of3 PBS - Triumph of the Nerds - The Rise of Accidental Empires - 3of3 PBS - Frontline - Wikisecrets (2011) PBS - NOVA - Ancient Computer (2013) PBS - NOVA - Rise of the Hackers (2014) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) Revolution OS (2001) Steal This Film Steal This Film II The Broken - Hacking Show - 1x01 The Broken - Hacking Show - 1x02 The Broken - Hacking Show - 1x03 The Broken - Hacking Show - 1x04 The Code - The Story Of Linux The Hacker Wars (2015) The Internets Own Boy - The Story of Aaron Swartz The KGB, the Computer, and Me The King of Kong (2007) The Pirate Bay - AFK (2013) Tonight With Trevor McDonald - How Safe Is Your Card US and the Game Industry Unauthorized Access (1994) We Are Legion - The Story Of The Hacktivists (2012)
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can't say for how long though.

Much appreciated! I will have it on seedbox at least a month as well to help get it out there! *HONK*