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- 3rd Sept 09

Jeff Gates

Criminal State was founded to help restore healthy and sustainable communities and to recover the informed consent essential to self-governance.

The criminality most perilous to democracy succeeds by displacing facts with what others can be induced to believe. Those complicit manipulate thought and behavior by preying on beliefs, on faith and on the good faith of others.

Here is where the undisclosed bias of mainstream media comes into play. Spend some time on this site and that mental and emotional manipulation will become transparent as will its impact on politics and on the health of communities and nations.

Ask yourself, where does a shared belief reside—also known as a “consensus”? That is where modern-day warfare is waged by those masterful at shaping beliefs to manipulate behavior.

Today’s wars are catalyzed with false beliefs, manipulated impressions and half-truths. On that battlefield (the shared field of consciousness), the power of association is often deployed as a weapon—either to accredit or to discredit. In either case, the goal is the same: to influence behavior inconsistent with the real facts.

Thus the first book in the Criminal State series is titled Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. Please read it. The only modern aspect of this manipulation is the technological means with which to wage war by way of deceit on a global scale.

Criminal State provides the “tools of perception” so that you can see for yourself “the people in between”—those between you and the facts. With those tools, you will see who is complicit in the criminality chronicled in this account. And you will understand why those responsible can only operate with impunity so long as their operations remain non-transparent.

We invite you to make history by using these tools to help expose and counter the duplicity that has shaped history to date.

Our Mission
Criminal State provides the tools required to restore informed choice and to protect freedom from those who deceive and manipulate in order to dominate.

Daryl Bradford Smith