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Texe Marrs 0308 - Jews Rule America

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In this radio show from early 2008 (when the Bush Jr. administration was still in the White House), Marrs asks how Israel can exert such tremendous influence over US policymaking -- despite the relatively small number of Jews in the US. “Jews only constitute about 2 to 2.5 percent of the American population; out of 320 million people, only about 7.5 million are Jews,” he says. “So it isn’t voting power they have.”

He then explains how prophetic writers George Orwell and Alduous Huxley “taught us that propaganda and ‘make-believe’ could be even more effective than brute force.” Marrs continues: “In the very first of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the authors say -- three times in a row -- ‘Our countersign is force and make-believe.’ And that’s how they intend to take over the world.”

Marrs goes on to point out that over 70 percent of the members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) -- the influential “think-tank” that crafts US domestic and foreign policy -- are Jews. “The CFR, which includes over 200 members of the George W. Bush administration, is a Zionist front,” he says, noting that CFR President Richard Haas, a Jew, was made a “special assistant” to Bush Sr. during the latter’s presidency.

Marrs also identifies numerous Zionist agents, whose primary allegiance is to the criminal state of Israel, within the Bush Jr. administration. These include Attorney-General Michael Mukasey, an orthodox Jew who advocates the use of torture and who was nominated for the post by Democratic New York Senator (and Jew) Charles Schumer; Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff, a Jewish citizen of both Israel and the US; Special Envoy for Human Rights Jay Lefkowitz, also a Jew; Chief-of-Staff Josh Bolton, a Jew, who, according to Time Magazine, would open cabinet meetings with a reading from the Talmud; and Jewish IRS chief Douglas Shulman.

Marrs goes even further, pointing out that Jewish organizations are behind the proliferation of abortion and the promotion of homosexuality in America:

“You can’t name a single evangelical Christian organization that promotes homosexuality and abortion,” he says. “But I can cite numerous Jewish organizations that openly favor abortion and promote homosexuality: the American Jewish Committee; the American Jewish Congress; B’nai Brith; the Central Conference of American Rabbis; the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations; Hadasa, the Jewish women’s group; the Jewish Labor Committee; the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods; the National Council of Jewish Women; the New Jewish Agenda; the Rabbinical Assembly; the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; and the United Synagogues of America.”