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Texas Considers allowing open carry of handguns

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Texas Considers allowing open carry of handguns

Texas Considers allowing open carry of handguns

Mainstream news article about how Texas is considering allowing open carry of handguns after 140 years. It mentions the other states besides Texas like California, Florida, New York, Illinois and South Carolina that don't allow for open carry. Texas has 811,000 concealed licenses which is almost the size of San Fransisco according to the article.

Of course the anti's are against the bill (what else is new?). Also mentioned is Rep. Jonathan Stickland's bill which would bring constitutional carry to Texas for both open and concealed.

"That could change in 2015, with the Republican-dominated Legislature and Gov.-elect Greg Abbott expected to push for expanded gun rights.

"If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it's good enough for the state of Texas," Abbott said the day after his election last month.

And if Texas, which allows concealed handguns, embraces open carry — rolling back a 140-year ban — it would be the largest state to have done so.

Open carry drew wide support in the 2014 statewide election, and at least six bills have already been filed for the upcoming session, which starts in January. Abbott has already pledged to sign one into law if sent to his desk."