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Tesla Conference Pack

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Many of the videos in this collection are from the former International Tesla Society Symposiums & the other few from the Borderland Science.

Video list:

* Applications of the Benza Bio Chip Mark Benza
* CAD Tesla Coils Toby Grotz
* Charles Yost - High Voltage Concentric Field Generator Design
* Dr. Hal Huggins - 1996 Tesla Symposium
* Dr. Paul LaViolette -Tesla Wave Physics for a Free Energy Universe
* Electromagnetic chemical pollution Lawrence Kennedy
* Electromagnetic Spheres Larry Spring
* Electro-Therapy-Hank-Andreoni
* Energy Generation Phenomenon PT Pappas
* Experiments in Synchronicity Shelly Thompson
* Experiments of Kristian Birkeland James Hardesty
* Gary Magnetic Effect Dan Davidson
* George Hathaway on Zero Point Energy at Tesla Symposium 1990
* Larry Spring's Atom - A Magnetic Demonstration
* Lasercel Roger Billings
* Neutralizing Radio Active Waste with Browns Gas
* Nikola Tesla John Hays Hammond Mark Seifer
* Non Linear Dynamics Lynn Surgalla
* Paul Brown Radioisotopic Energy Generation
* Power Controller
* Scalar info resource Warren York
* Spark Gap Technology Bill Wysock
* Tesla Coil - Dr. James Corum - International Tesla Society 1990
* The Electrical Potential of Water
* The Kreuzer Collection - Vintage Tube Technology
* Vacuum Tubes James Hardesty
* Water Thread Experiment Walter Baumgartner
* X Rays Electron Beams James Hardesty

Watch online:

Other videos online:

Joerg Schauberger - Tesla Symposium Vienna 2010

Donald L. Smith 1996 Tesla Symposium

Enjoy !!!!!