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Swami Kriyananda The Chakras Keys to Self-Understanding and Freedom

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Swami Kriyananda The Chakras Keys to Self-Understanding and Freedom

Learn how the chakras tangibly affect your daily life and how to use their special energies to speed your spiritual progress.

First Chakra: Key to Loyalty, Discipline, and Focus

Topics include: The earth element in human consciousness; inflexibility and materialism as negative aspects of the earth element; the role of the chakras in our spiritual evolution; the relationship between astrology and the chakras.

Second Chakra: Key to Flexibility, Contentment, and Getting in the Flow

Topics include: The water element in human consciousness; releasing the need for control and learning how to flow with life; why one should not be "offensively" contented; wishy-washiness as a negative aspect of the water element; living in the upper chakras as a route to joy.

Third Chakra: Key to Fiery Self-Control and Overcoming Obstacles

Topics include: The fire element in human consciousness; how to bring the inner quality of fire into all that we do; "inwardness" as a source of strength; the importance of waning against certain outward tendencies; negativity, harshness, and intolerance as negative aspects of the fire principle.

Fourth Chakra: Key to Love and Expansiveness

Topics include: The air element in human consciousness; the importance of the heart (love) to spiritual advancement; why we need to be warmly loving; impersonal love as a progression form the personal; devotion as the source of the strength needed to overcome faults.

Fifth Chakra: Key to Calmness and Keenness of Understanding

Topics include: The ether element in human consciousness; sweetness of voice as the result of harmonizing the vibrations of the throat chakra; how kundalini energy affects the chakras; contacting the chakras in deep sleep; why yogis should not try to develop "powers".

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