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Studying the US False Flag Maneuver against Haiti

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Studying the US False Flag Maneuver against Haiti

There is evidence that the United States found oil in Haiti decades ago and
due to the geopolitical circumstances and big business interests of that era
made the decision to keep Haitian oil in reserve for when Middle Eastern oil
had dried up. This is detailed by Dr. Georges Michel in an article dated
March 27, 2004 outlining the history of oil explorations and oil reserves in
Haiti and in the research of Dr. Ginette and Daniel Mathurin.

There is also good evidence that these very same big US oil companies and
their inter-related monopolies of engineering and defense contractors made
plans, decades ago, to use Haiti's deep water ports either for oil refineries or
to develop oil tank farm sites or depots where crude oil could be stored and
later transferred to small tankers to serve U.S. and Caribbean ports. This is
detailed in a paper about the Dunn Plantation at Fort Liberte in Haiti.

Ezili's HLLN underlines these two papers on Haiti's oil resources and the
works of Dr. Ginette and Daniel Mathurin in order to provide a view one
will not find in the mainstream media nor anywhere else as to the economic
and strategic reasons the US has constructed its fifth largest embassy in the
world - fifth only besides the US embassy in China, Iraq, Iran and Germany -
in tiny Haiti, post the 2004 Haiti Bush regime change.

The facts outlined in the Dunn Plantation and Georges Michel papers,
considered together, reasonably unveil part of the hidden reasons UN Special
Envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton, is giving the UN occupation a facelift so that its
troops stay in Haiti for the duration.

Ezili's HLLN has consistently maintained, since the beginning of the 2004
Bush regime change in Haiti, that the 2004 US invasion of Haiti used UN
troops as its military proxy to avoid the charge of imperialism and racism. We
have also consistently maintained that the UN/US invasion and occupation of
Haiti is not about protecting Haitian rights, security, stability or long-term
domestic development but about returning the Washington
Chimeres/[gangsters] - the traditional Haitian Oligarchs - to power,
establishing free trade not fair trade, the Chicago-boys' death plan, neoliberal
policies, keeping the minimum wage at slave wage levels, plundering Haiti's
natural resources and riches, not to mention using the location benefit
that Haiti lies between Cuba and Venezuela. Two countries the US has
unsuccessfully orchestrated regime changes in and continues to pursue. In the
Dunn Plantation and Georges Michel papers, we find and deploy further
details as to why the US is in Haiti with this attempted Bill Clinton facelift to
the UN's continued occupations.

For, no matter the disguise or media spins it's also about Haiti's oil reserves,
and about securing Haiti's deep-water ports as transshipment location for oil
or for tank sites to store crude oil without interference from a democratic
government beholden to its informed population's welfare. (See Reynold's
deep water port in Miragoane/NIPDEVCO property- scroll to photos in
middle of the page.)

In Haiti, between 1994 to 2004 when the people had a voice in government,
there was an intense grassroots movement to figure out how to exploit Haiti's
resources. There was a plan, where in the book "Investing In People: Lavalas
White Book under the direction of Jean-Betrand Aristide (Investir Dans
L'Humain), the Haitian majority "were not only told where the resources
were, but that -- they did not have the skills and technology to actually
extract the gold, to extract the oil."

The Aristide/Lavalas plan, as I've articulated in the Haiti's Riches Interview,
was "to engage in some sort of private/public partnership. Where both the
Haitian people's interest would be taken care of and of course the private
interest would take their profits. But I think it was around that time we had
St. Genevieve saying they did not like the Haitian government. Obviously,
they didn't like this plan. They don't like the Haitian people to know where
their resources are. But in this book, it was the first time in Haitian history, it
was written in Kreyòl and in French. And there was a national discussion all
over the radio in Haiti with respect to all these various resources of Haiti,
where they were located, and how the Haitian government was intending on
trying to build sustainable development through those resources. So that's
what you had before the 2004 Bush regime change/Coup D'etat in Haiti. With
the Coup D'etat now, though the people know where these resources are
because this book exists, they don't know who these foreign companies are.
What they're profit margins are. What the environmental protection rules and
regulations to protect them are. Many folks, for instance, in the North talk
about losing their property, having people come in with guns and taking over
their property. So that's where we are." (Haiti's Riches: Interview with
Ezili Dantò on Mining in Haiti.)

The mainstream media, owned by the multinational companies fleecing Haiti,
certainly won't lay out for public consumption that the UN/US invasion and
occupation of Haiti is to secure Haiti's oil, strategic position, cheap labor,
deep water ports, mineral resources (iridium, gold, copper, uranium,
diamond, gas reserves), lands, waterfronts, offshore resources for
privatization or the exclusive use of the world's wealthy oligarchs and US big
oil monopolies. (See, Map showing some of Haiti's mining and mineral
wealth, including five oil sites in Haiti;Oil in Haiti by Dr. Georges
Michel; Excerpt from the Dunn Plantation paper; Haiti is full of oil, say
Ginette and Daniel Mathurin; There is a multinational conspiracy to
illegally take the mineral resources of the Haitian people: Espaillat
Nanita revealed that in Haiti there are huge resources of gold and other
minerals, and Is UN proxy occupation of Haiti masking US securing
oil/gas reserves from Haiti).

In fact, the current Haitian authority-under-the-US/UN-occupation that is in
charge of regulating exploration licenses and mining in Haiti does not explain,
in any relevant or systematic manner, to the Haitian majority about the
companies buying up, post 2004, Haiti's deep water ports, what their profit
shares with the Haitian nation are, where are the accounting of said shares
owed to the people of Haiti, nor explain the environmental effects of the
massive excavations of Haiti's mountains and waters going on right now.
Instead, the Director of Mining in Haiti blithely maintains that "further
research will be necessary to confirm the existence of oil in Haiti."...


Hugo Chavez was wrong: The Illuminati didn't "test" their HAARP-weapon on Haiti, this was a real-life application with a specific purpose. They have been testing that weapon for twenty years now, no more tests are needed. There are always two levels here: The real reason why they do something, and the reason the mind controlled public is made to believe in. The real reason is always vicious and ugly and cruel, the dummy-reason always appears to be ethical and heroic. "Be evil and have all the possibilites based on the fact that there are no moral restrictions and inhibitions, but at the same time control the minds in such a way that the masses believe you to be good and ethical and moral, and therefore they will always support you. The primitive public mind will just not understand that you get nowhere with ethical behavior nowadays." How wrong they are. Nothing creates more opportunities than true love and honesty. But it's true, you can always fool those who want to be fooled. Truth is simply too disgusting to be accepted and to be tolerated by the masses. Perhaps we are wrong, perhaps HAARP was never used, perhaps this earthquake was just a convenient coincidence, but this doesn't change anything about the true reasons why this poor island was occupied.

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