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Strange Universe Radio 2014.08.19-2014.10.24

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Strange Universe Radio from August 19 till October 24, 2014

Despite Vatican hitmen and Viet Cong snipers targeting him and his Norwegian forest cats, internet bad-boy Sean David Morton can't take a hint. Neither have the massive DDOS on him and his radio station, nor the complete takedown of all SDM, SUR and Revolution Radio youtube channels put a dent in the weird-ass fun.

These are the episodes including from "the gap" when youtube turned nasty and then nastier. Several days are missing. If you have them, post them.

Topics include:

ebola, Michael Obama, president Obola, the Ukraine, X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Disneyland, Disney and the Jews, UFOs, Billy Meier, JFK, Walking Dead, time travel, the Beatles in an alternate reality, black people, Ferguson riots, racism, cops, zombies, Z the Gorilla economist, Area 51, Project Looking Glass, the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC, Batman, the Penguin, astrology, wishing machines, Canada, Eskimos, igloos, bears, cats, trees, grass, water and so much more.

Guests include:

Jim Marrs
Vinnie Eastwood
Meghan Bell (Fred's daughter)
Susan Shumsky
Michael Rosecliff
Joshua P. Warren
Clif High (not his real name)

...and some others.


Thank you. Keep it weird!