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Stormy Weather w Neil Kreamer Jan 2009

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Stormy Weather podcast 22: The Reader & the Red
Stormy Weather podcast 22.5: Do Not Feed the Entities

with Neil Kreamer from

This week SW is de-lighted to offer the penetrating insights of Neil “the Cleaver” Kramer, imaginal landscaper, eschaton surfer, matrix warrior, self-liberator, megalith builder and entheogen indulger. NK and AK discuss the polarization of consciousness, the resistance of untruth to the emergence of truth, NK’s megalith project, his take on psychedelics (entheogens) as a valid tool for self-awakening, the need for set and setting, AK’s experiences of salvia divinorum, the toll on the body, consciousness leaving the timestream and being hurled through hyperspace, DMT flashes, the question of using psychedelics as a shortcut to heightened awareness, the payback for this & the dangers of ego inflation for drug shamans, the occasional allure of the “blue pill,” the need for softening and opening as consciousness expands, the need for creative imagination when researching conspiracy, the pitfalls of nuts-and-bolts thinking, Robert Anton Wilson and gonzo occultism, AK’s “block of ice” model of consensus reality, NK’s laser beam and map-burning model of consciousness, and the question of free will and divine/galactic consciousness. Part two of this talk will be up on Wednesday 28th of Jan. Neil Kramer’s blogs are and

Part two of AK's chat with Neil Kramer, covering: the bliss of surrender, the illusion of free will, the use of creative imagination in research, the Richard Dawkins fallacy, the trap of the intellect, "walk-don't walk" existence in the binary system of the matrix, the folly of trying to awaken the masses, the use of darkness in the creative process, projection of the shadow, NK's "gates of awakening," expansion and contraction of consciousness and the formation of the ego in the species, planet Earth quarantine, 2012 shift, "the only game in town," Atlantis and the fall of Man, Ahriman and Steiner, the old seers of Carlos Castaneda.