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Stolen 2020 Election: Scorecard and the Hammer

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This is in real time being banned all over social media because it is exposing the real time election fraud of our lifetimes. Pass it on immediately! This is FRESH INFO THAT IS JUST DAYS OLD. GET THIS OUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THIS IS EVERY FILE I COULD GET AS IT GETS BANNED BEFORE OUR EYES! RED ALERT!!! THE WORLD IS AT STAKE!!!


there are many sources of info about what's going on, why is this special and "the most censored"?
Don't see anything in the files list that references where this all originated from? Some different people's podcasts, youtube shows, regular blog-vlog updates? How about some channel links so we can see their other content that makes these people so controversial?

Download it and you will understand.
This information is getting banned quicker than you can blink.
HAMMER info has been out since 2017 and can be found more easily, however SCORECARD is being banned ASAP. Both are related. SCORECARD is software that is actively changing election results because it is locked into the voting machines.

All this bullshit lets get the adults back in charge trump is losing big time the sooner his out and in jail the better the racist piece of shit

Trump isn't "losing big time". Even leftist mouthpieces like CNN are calling it very close. As for him being racist, give us one fucking example? He isn't enabling/excusing BLM/Antifa thugs, to run around randomly bashing white people. If you think a corrupt senile dirt bag like Biden is "an adult", you're deluded pal.

Exactly Chaz

What a great day for america after last nights shit show from little hand it was great tv watching the turd blame everything were hoping trump will make another speach around tea time as the kids love it

the most entitled, most ignorant, most arrogant, and most angry with the littlest to actually complain about. used to call these types spoiled brats, but that's too complimentary. Now it is just all-sewer-speak-all-the-time in AmeriKa of uncivii-states.
No wonder the aliens like to appear to indigenous people, since there is so little courtesy or courage amongst the North Americans.
It matters not who wins the election, if one is self-governing, self-supporting and not dependent upon TV, big-tech or the money system for one's existence.
America needs a BIG time-out from TV and social media.
Where is the big alien invasion and meteor strike to get us off the election already?

even our own modest boards prove how divided things are. understanding first, condemnation second, friends.

it's easier to deal with stereotypes than real people and most of this bickering is primarily with our own perceived Shadow.

as jordan peterson says, Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world