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Stiftung Corona Ausschuss session 85 (2021.12.31)

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This is Session 85 of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss
("Investigative Corona Committee") on the last day of 2021.

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Happy New Year to you all!
This year, let us all work together to end the handiwork of the criminals from the oligarchy, the finance, pharmaceutical and IT industries and their political henchmen - together we can do it. Because: The mood is tilting and it is time!

Humane Economics and the Science of Social Tripartism
Highest UK court overturns ruling to revoke a doctor's license
First criminal complaint launched against UK government officials
--for criminal misconduct in public office relating to the Covid vaccine roll-out
World's first vaccine-murder lawsuit launched against Bill Gates in India
Greening deserts and more: concrete technologies
--revealing resource crisis and population growth limit are lies

00:02 Introduction
11:48 Sabine Langer (Founder of the cooperative Menschlich wirtschaften eG) & Heidi Herbig (Start-up and personality coach, member of the cooperative Menschlich reisen eG)
1:08:15 Dr. Sam White (Suspended general practitioner specialising in functional medicine; Hampshire / England)
1:54:22 Dipali Ojha (Head of Legal Department, Indian Bar Association; Mumbai, MH / Indien)
2:40:40 Cynthia Chung (Teacher, author at Rising Tide Foundation)
3:55:11 Video 1: Pharmacist encounters empty package insert during patient education for so-called vaccination
3:57:33 Video 2: A distorted version of a Christmas song: "It's Beginning to Look Like Genocide"
4:00:00 The End

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