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Steven Greer is a fraud, coward and a sneaky little weasel

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Steven Greer is a fraud, coward and a sneaky little weasel

Steven Greer sent another request directly to ConCen's hosting provider without contacting the site admin first, to take down his Disclosure Project (20 years and counting with still no disclosure) documentary Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, even though it already was removed after his first complaint to the hosting provider.

As if that wasn't weasely enough, he also demands we remove comments about him that he doesn't like! He thinks he can call truth and opinion "slander". Not the brightest bulb, this Greer chap.

Here are the links to the content Greer has demanded be removed:

Hell will freeze over before ConCen will take down comments because a butthurt little girl doesn't like them!


Hey Greer: Neither truth nor opinion are slander. Your feeble attempts at censorship only further expose the kind of person you are.


Ah this may actually be a situation where my sincere Scottish subtlety may be of service..........

Dear Dr Greer,
here's some opinion for you
what a suppurating vag! does itty bitty wittle greer not like that bad boy and girls saying he's a whiney,backstabbing cunt? then try not being a whiney, backstabbing cunt then.
does the little lamb not like it when people disagree with him and his attempts to keep his so called information behind his paywall because information should not be free because he has money to extract from as many as possible for his bollocks.
i hope your next shit is a porcupine... backwards to be followed by a large -insert hot sauce of choice here- enema.
What a censorious , balding, venal, fucktard bellend.
The most important thing to you is to PROTECT THE PAYWALL not protect the dissemination of truth and crush opposing opinions. just goes to show it's deffo not about the truth and all about the fragile ego, ooooh and the profit eh?
in the world of stephen "el cunto" greer you have to DMCA criticism and not even DO YOUR DUE DILLIGENCE AND INFORM THE PEOPLE YOU ARE MEANT TO INFORM. So much for "due dilligence" in sending a DMCA request , you know... to the people you are legally bound to notify... nah you just want people silenced from criticising you. That's some very very very weak fucking sauce. and shows what a weak,pathetic,back-stabbing,two faced, egotistical, vain fragile little flower.
Oh and let's not forget a whiney cockswallower of thunderscuntian proportions. All that muscle and no balls, fucking hilarious. You don't even have the balls to contact people directly.. no no no.. you HAVE to try to stab in the back, be a sneaky consorious 2nd hand condom and try to double whammy with censorship and trying to into trouble with our host.. WHAT A PATHETIC LITTLE WEEDY FUCKBBAG!
now that's my gentle, subtle approach to you greer.
So enjoy reading you dog wanking fuckstick.
What the really idiotic thing you've done is this.
All you have to do was send the DMCA to Concen and we'd have dealt with it properly but you have to be a little, snitchy, backstabby, spilt little child and spit out your Dummy(comforter to you yanks).
Let's be honest, it's just about the criticism as the torrent to the content you wanted removed .. is removed.
Streissand effect much?
Funny how pricks like you like to brag about how youy buck the system... but here you are abusing the system to take down criticism.
fucking snowflake

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