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Steel On Steel For 2010-01-09 - Towards an International Police Force

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[font=calibri]Towards an International Police Force

Hi gang! Back in the saddle again for another year of saddle sores.

An international police force has long been a goal of both the United Nations and Interpol. Shortly before Christmas, President Barack Obama amended an executive order originally issued by Ronald Reagan allowing Interpol immunity during its operations in the United States. Is this much ado about nothing or part of a longer- term globalization agenda? Attorney Steve Schippert and Clyde Middleton ( join us.

We're starting a new thread on the program to track the growing gulf between the statements of politicians and a deteriorating economic situation. What we should be doing for recovery, we're not and politicians' actions are only making the situation worse. Mary Tootikian is a 30-year mortgage industry veteran and author of "Stunned in America," (

John's boralogue details the religion and philosophy behind the new hit movie "Avatar."

And yes, I do have the best mic in the world. Thanks!