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State-Sponsored Terrorism, Crimes, and Lies - Collection 16 (Russia 2)

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State-Sponsored Terrorism, Crimes, and Lies - Collection 16 (Russia 2):

Russia under Putin has become a rogue state of the worst kind. Its latest crime was the shooting down of a civilian plane (MH17) by a Russia-backed Ukrainian separatist group that resulted in the murder of 298 passengers and crew members. Russia provided the SA-11 surface-to-air missile that brought down the plane, and trained the separatists on how to use it.

We have 32 titles here:

- Amnesty Int. - A Right, Not a Crime; Violations of the Right to Freedom of Assembly in Russia (2014)

- Amnesty Int. - Confronting the Circle of Injustice; Threats and Pressure Faced by Lawyers in the North Caucasus (2013)

- Amnesty Int. - Freedom Under Threat; Clampdown on Freedoms of Expression, Assembly and Association in Russia (2013)

- Applebaum - Gulag; a History (2003)

- Domrin - The Limits of Russian Democratisation; Emergency Powers and States of Emergency (2006)

- Felshtinsky - The Putin Corporation; the Story of Russia's Secret Takeover (2012)

- Fitzpatrick - Tear Off the Masks! Identify the Imposture in Twentieth-Century Russia (2005)

- Gheith & Jolluck - Gulag Voices; Oral Histories of Soviet Incarcerations and Exile (2011)

- Gulko et al - The KGB Plays Chess; the Soviet Secret Police and the Fight for the World Chess Crown (2010)

- HRW - Are You Happy to Cheat Us; Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers in Russia (2009)

- HRW - Laws of Attrition; Crackdown on Russia's Civil Society after Putin's Return to the Presidency (2013)

- HRW - Race to the Bottom; Exploitation of Migrant Workers Ahead of Russia's 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (2013)

- HRW - Singled Out; Russia's Detention and Expulsion of Georgians (2007)

- Kagarlitsky - Russia Under Yeltsin and Putin; Neo-Liberal Autocracy (2002)

- Kemp - Ganglands, Russia (2010)

- Laruelle - In the Name of the Nation; Nationalism and Politics in Contemporary Russia (2009)

- LeVine - Putin’s Labyrinth; Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia (2008)

- Litvinenko & Felshtinsky - Bowing Up Russia; the Secret Plot to Bring Back KGB Terror (2007)

- Longworth - Russia; the Once and Future Empire from Pre-History to Putin (2005)

- Molloy (Ed.) - Russia; Human Rights and Religious Freedom Reports (2013)

- Panyushkin - Twelve Who Don't Agree; the Battle for Freedom in Putin's Russia (2008)

- Politkovskaya - A Russian Diary; a Journalist's Final Account of Life, Corruptions, and Death in Putin's Russia (2007)

- Remington - The Politics of Inequality in Russia (2011)

- Richards - Lost and Found in Russia (2009)

- Roxburgh - The Strongman; Vladimir Putin and the Struggle for Russia (2012)

- Sanders et al (Eds.) - Russian-Muslim Confrontation in the Caucasus (2004)

- Schrad - Vodka Politics; Alcohol, Autocracy, and the Secret History of the Russian State (2014)

- van Herpen - Putin's Wars; the Rise of Russia's New Imperialism (2014)

- Walton & Petrov - Smashed in the USSR; Fear, Loathing and Vodka on the Steppes (2013)

- White, Sakwa & Hale (Eds.) - Developments in Russian Politics 7 (2010)

- Zimmerman - Ruling Russia; Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin (2014)

- Zurcher - The Post-Soviet Wars; Rebellion, Ethnic Conflict, and Nationhood in the Caucasus (2007)