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Stanley Kubrick - The Real Eyes Wide Shut [pack]

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Stanley Kubrick - The Real Eyes Wide Shut [pack] by Jay Myers Eyes Wide Shut was not the movie Kubrick intended audiences to see. The studio cut 24 minutes from the film, and just few days later, the legendary filmmaker was dead. What was in those 24 minutes? And what happens at the REAL masked parties? Join me as we infiltrate the bizarre hidden world of the Satanic elite! Storyline of the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut' (Film not included in torrent) After his wife, Alice, tells him about her sexual fantasies, William Harford sets out for a night of sexual adventure. After several less than successful encounters, he meets an old friend, Nick Nightingale - now a musician - who tells him of strange sex parties when he is required to play the piano blindfolded. All the men at the party are costumed and wear masks while the women are all young and beautiful. Harford manages to find an appropriate costume and heads out to the party. Once there, however, he is warned by someone who recognizes him, despite the mask, that he is in great danger. He manages to extricate himself but the threats prove to be quite real and sinister. The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” “Eyes Wide Shut” was promoted as a steamy, suspenseful movie starring the “It” couple of the day: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. While the actors were prominently featured in the movie, it is everything around them that told the true story of “Eyes Wide Shut”. Stanley Kubrick’s attention to detail and symbolism gave the movie an entire other dimension – one that cannot be seen by those who have their eyes wide shut. This multiple-part series will look at the hidden symbolism of Kubrick’s final film. I remember when I first watched Eyes Wide Shut, back in 1999. Boy, did I hate it. I hated how slow everything was, I hated how Nicole Kidman tried to sound drunk or high and I hated seeing Tom Cruise walk around New York looking concerned. I guess I reacted the same way critics did at the time the movie came out and thought: “This movie is boring and there is nothing hot about it.” More than a decade later, equipped with a little more knowledge and patience, I re-watched the movie ... and it blew my mind. In fact, like most Stanley Kubrick films, an entire book could be written about the movie and the concepts it addresses. Eyes Wide Shut is indeed not simply about a relationship, it is about all of the outside forces and influences that define that relationship. It is about the eternal back-and-forth between the male and female principles in a confused and decadent modern world. Also, more importantly, it is about the group that rules this modern world – a secret elite that channels this struggle between the male and female principles in a specific and esoteric matter. The movie however does not spell out anything. Like all great art, messages are communicated through subtle symbols and mysterious riddles. Stanley Kubrick unexpectedly died only five days after submitting the final cut of the movie to Warner Bros, making Eyes Wide Shut his swan song. Considering the fact that Eyes Wide Shut is about an occult secret society that eliminates those who cross its path, some theories arose about Kubrick’s death and its suspicious nature. Did he reveal to the public too much, too soon? Maybe. comment: Kubrick had revealed to much, and he had to pay a high price for that. Will we ever see the missing pieces? This is just a youtube video made by some guy, but I found it quite intriguing. I have been watching thousands of those youtube videos, and this one is one of the few worth watching. It is brief, but it is getting to the point. After watching '2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)', you cannot help but realize that Kubrick must have been a deep occult insider, and Bill Cooper used to have that opinion as well, but if he was an insider, then why was he even talking about those secrets? Why did the Illuminati lose control over Kubrick's mind? - or did they? I think that Kubrick may have been one of the Illuminati. You don't just rise up that high in the movie business without being one of them. Jay Weidner's view that he just had lots of talents and therefore was chosen by the Illuminati is probably wrong. If you study the Illuminati controlled music industry, then you can see that these stars are being trained to become what they are from early childhood on. And then you should know that Kubrick was Jewish, and Hollywood being totally under Jewish control, this may not be a coincidence either. As a non-Illuminati outsider, you don't just stumble into the occult, and then happen to become the world's greatest movie director making deep occult movies, getting promoted by Illuminati money, eventually ending up dead. There's more to Kubrick than meets the eye. According to Bill Cooper, '2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)' was the deepest and greatest occult movie ever. Surely there must be some infighting going on within the Illuminati. Maybe Kubrick was one of the top Illuminati, but one with different views, views that eventually killed him. Kubrick never intended to make a sex movie, and he never had done so before either, he intended to expose the Illuminati, and that's what we would have seen in the missing 24 minutes, dark satanic occult rituals, and maybe some clues about the political figureheads hiding behind those eerie masks. files: audio audio analysis - Pook reverse REVERSE Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball (Eyes Wide Shut).mp3 Amazing Secrets in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut - Jay Dyer on WOTR Radio.m4a Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball (Eyes Wide Shut).m4a ebooks Stanley Kubrick, Director - Alexander Walker.epub Jerold J Abrams - The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick.pdf Stanley Kubrick, Director - Alexander Walker.pdf The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick.pdf pics Art Eyes Wide Shut Screen Shots Occult Music Industry The Sick Occult Side of the Rothschilds text Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut 1999, A Closet Odyssey - Sexual Discourses in Eyes Wide Shut, 2006 - Deleyto.pdf Eyes Wide Shut - Film Script.pdf Eyes Wide Shut - Movie Review.pdf EYES WIDE SHUT - THE DREAM-ODYSSEY OF STANLEY KUBRICK.pdf Illuminati Symbolism and Analysis of Eyes Wide Shut.pdf Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT and Trauma-Based Mind Control.pdf Notes on Eyes Wide Shut, a Film by Stanley Kubrick.pdf The Hidden (and not so Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.pdf Eyes Wide Shut Kubrick Occult Analysis Ch 2 2001 Space Odyssey Occult Analysis Kubrick.pdf Eyes Wide Shut Kubrick Occult Analysis Ch 2.pdf The Shining Kubrick Occult Analysis.pdf Kubrick's The Shining - A Comparative Analysis of the Original Novel and its Adaptation.pdf Stanley Kubrick - FBI Files.pdf The Rothschilds The Sick Occult Side of the Rothschilds.pdf videos Illuminati Symbolism in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut Exposed.mp4 Stanley Kubrick - Eyes Wide Shut - Interview Compilation.mp4 Stanley Kubrick - The Last Odyssey – Eyes Wide Shut (1999).mp4 The Eyes Wide Shut Parties Are Real - Oliver Stone's Son.mp4 The Hidden Messages In Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.mp4 The Last Movie - Kubrick & Eyes Wide Shut.mp4 The REAL Eyes Wide Shut.mp4 Torrent_downloaded_from_Demonoid_-_www.demonoid.pw_.txt eyes.nfo tags: Illuminati, occult, magick, ritual, elites, infiltration, conspiracy, mkultra, monarch, demonic
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