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Stanislav Grof Future Psychology Frontiers of Human Consciousness [pack]

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Stanislav Grof Future Psychology Frontiers of Human Consciousness [pack] Stanislav Grof’s professional career has covered a period of over 50 years in which his primary interest has been research of the heuristic and therapeutic potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. This included initially four years of laboratory research of psychedelics – LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and tryptamine derivatives – (1956-1960) and fourteen years of research of psychedelic psychotherapy. He spent seven of these years (1960-1967) as Principal Investigator of the psychedelic research program at the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague, Czechoslovakia. This was followed by seven years of research of psychedelic psychotherapy in the United States. The first two of these years, he worked as Clinical and Research Fellow at The Johns Hopkins University and in the Research Unit of the Spring Grove State Hospital in Baltimore, MD. The following five years, he held the position of Chief of Psychiatric Research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center. In this capacity he headed for several years the last surviving official research project of psychedelic therapy in the USA. From 1973 until 1987, he was Scholar-in-Residence at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, where he developed jointly with his wife Christina a powerful non-drug form of self-exploration and psychotherapy that they call Holotropic Breathwork. They have used this method in workshops and in professional training in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. They have also worked with many individuals undergoing spontaneous episodes of non-ordinary states of consciousness, psycho-spiritual crises or “spiritual emergencies.” During these years of psychotherapeutic research, Stan Grof has made the following contributions. Contributions Developed theory and practice of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and described it in his book LSD Psychotherapy, which has been until this day the only comprehensive treatise on this subject. Published over 150 articles and 20 books discussing the theoretical and practical implications of modern consciousness research for psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. Created a new extended cartography of the psyche that includes, besides the biographical-recollective level and the Freudian individual unconscious, two additional levels – perinatal (related to the trauma of birth) and transpersonal (including the ancestral, racial, collective, phylogenetic, karmic, and archetypal matrices). Developed, with his wife Christina, Holotropic Breathwork (a method of psychotherapy that uses non-ordinary states induced by faster breathing, evocative music, and focused body work), and The Grof Transpersonal Training, an extensive training program for Holotropic Breathwork facilitators that has certified over 1000 practitioners in various parts of the world. Formulated jointly with Abraham Maslow, Anthony Sutich, Sonya Margulies and Jim Fadiman the basic principles of transpersonal psychology, a discipline that explores the full spectrum of human experience and attempts to integrate spirituality and new paradigm science. He received from the Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) on the occasion of its conference in Asilomar, CA, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of its existence, a special award for his contributions to the development of this field. Transpersonal psychology has been rapidly growing since its inception in the late 1960’s. At present, it is being taught at several American universities and accredited schools, has two special journals, and symposia at professional conferences. Associations of transpersonal psychology also exist in many countries of the world. Attempted to provide a solid theoretical basis for transpersonal psychology by exploring in his writings its relationship with various revolutionary advances of new paradigm sciences. Founder and past President of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA). Organized jointly with his wife Christina nine large international conferences of this association in Boston, MA; Melbourne, Australia; Bombay, India; Santa Rosa, CA; Eugene, OR; Atlanta, GA; Prague, Czechoslovakia; and Manaus, Brazil. (Click here to read: “The Past and Future of the International Transpersonal Association”, published in The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (Vol. 28, 2008) Together with his wife, Christina, they were invited by Metro’Goldwyn/Meyer as special consultants for the science fiction movie, Brainstorm, and later for the movie Millenium. At present, Stan Grof is interested in returning to this work in a project that would use the best of special effects available today to portray various non-ordinary states of consciousness in the context of movies with transpersonal orientation. audio Dr Stanislav Grof - The Cosmic Game (64kbps).mp3 Stanislav Grof & Joan Halifax - Talk About Death (64kbps).mp3 The Cosmic Game - Stanislav Grof (64kbps).mp3 The Galactic Game - Stanislav Grof (64kbps).mp3 text Stanislav Grof - The Cosmic Game.epub Grof, Stanislav - Cosmic Game, The Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness.pdf Grof, Stanislav - LSD Psychotherapy, Hunter House 1977.pdf Grof, Stanislav - Modern Consciousness Research.pdf Grof, Stanislav - The Human Encounter with Death.pdf Stanislav Grof - Beyond the Brain.pdf Stanislav Grof - Books of the Dead, Manuals for Living and Dying.pdf Stanislav Grof - Holotropic Breathwork.pdf Stanislav Grof - LSD Psychotherapy, Hunter House 1977.pdf Stanislav Grof - LSD Psychotherapy.pdf Stanislav Grof - The Adventure of Self-Discovery.pdf Stanislav Grof - The Holotropic Mind 230p.pdf videos 1 Present - Stan Grof and the Healing Potential of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness.mp4 Present - Stan Grof at the Global Transpersonal Symposium.mp4 Stan Grof - Researcher, Author, Teacher and Visionary HD.mp4 Stanislav Grof Intro.mp4 videos 2 An interview with Stanislav Grof by Rick Archer (BATGAP) (480p).mp4 Stanislav Grof - Altered States of Consciousness (480p).mp4 Stanislav Grof - Psychology of the Future (360p).mp4 Stanislav Grof - Psychology of the Future, Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research (480p).mp4 Stanislav Grof - Radical Revision of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy (480p).mp4 Stanislav Grof - Revision and Re-enchantment of Psychology (480p).mp4 Stanislav Grof - The Roots of Human Violence and Greed, WPF 2008 (360p).mp4 Stanislav Grof Holotropic Bodywork Workshop [Part 1] (480p).mp4 Stanislav Grof Holotropic Bodywork Workshop [Part 2] (480p).mp4 The Consciousness Revolution - Dr Stanislav Grof, San Francisco CA (360p).mp4 Thinking Allowed - Stanislav Grof (Interview Mishlove, 1987) (480p).mp4 tags: psychotherapy, consciousness, transpersonal, psychology, LSD, breathwork, holotropic, health, healing
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Anyone still have a copy of this material that they can re-seed?

I made a Stanislav Grof torrent/pack years ago, but I no longer have it or this particular upload. Ryba777 might still come around and have it though hopefully.

I picked up this torrent as well as another one, Stanislav Grof Beyond the Brain Transpersonal Psychology [pack], which was upped by ryba777 shortly after this one, on the same day. I downloaded everything in both torrents several days after they were posted in December, 2016. There is a bit of overlap between the two, in that the books (shown under the "text:" heading) are contained in both torrents, which I am now seeding, as well as this one.


Many many thanks! I mainly know about Charles Tart so I look forward to exploring this line of Transpersonal Psychology, too.


make sure to read the books too, the bulk of his material is in the books,I'v read a couple of them ,they are simply not the kind you read once and move on to the next,they need to be read several times.