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SS MK Abuse Victim Testimony U.S. Committee - Tucson, Arizona Victim

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"U.S. Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (Public Meeting), Washington DC, March 1995. Chris DeNicola, Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen at Pg 77

MKULTRA Victim B Tucson AZ Testimony. Transcript


Monarch Mind Control and

Project MKULTRA, CIA's Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification, 1977 SENATE MKULTRA HEARINGS, TESTIMONY, DOCS and at

History of Mind Kontrol. Tavistock, WW2 + Operation Paperclip, Education, etc. State Of Mind Film Full Version HD

THE GREENBAUM SPEECH. Lecture by D.C.Hammond, originally entitled "Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse", 4th Annual Eastern Region Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, June 1992, Alexandria, VA. Sponsored by Center for Abuse Recovery & Empowerment, Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC. Green Programming is Ultra-Green + the Green Tree. Cabalistic mysticism. (Cabala, Kabbalah). That was the background of Dr. Green. German translation: Green Tree, Ultra-Tree. More

S.M.A.R.T. cases, conferences

Organized Child Abuse

Experiments on foster children - Las Vegas Now reports Dr Mark Collins, director Montevista Hospital who also contracts with several residential treatment centers, is ordering brain scans for foster children prior to their being prescribed highly toxic psychotropic drugs.
According to a legal complaint by Children's Attorneys Project, submitted to the Nevada DHHS, foster children in Nevada are being over-diagnosed w bipolar disorder, on the basis of a dangerous brain scan. Children are injected with radioactive material "to illuminate blood flow in their brain."
Legal complaint:
The use of these scans to justify prescribing highly toxic drugs for children is an example of the misuse of experimental scientific tools. Their use as a diagnostic tool is bogus. Even American Psychiatric Assoc does not accept the use of brain imaging for clinical diagnosis of children, in part, because of children's sensitivity to radiation + risk of radiation-induced cancer. Children's complaint includes case histories of young children who were bounced around from Montevista Hospital to Willow Springs Residential Treatment Center + others. The complaint indicates "there appear to be conflicts of interest among service providers and hospitals..." For Ex: In addition to his position as director of Montevista Hospital, Dr Collins has contracts w For-Profit residential treatment facilities to which Nevada foster children are being placed - an obvious conflict of interest.

Nov 2008. I-Team: Lawyers Question Medical Tests on Foster Kids. Colleen McCarty, Investigative Reporter. This is a story about an 8YO boy in foster care, a boy we've never met. He exists for us only as a name on a letter questioning his mental health treatment. His lawyer Janice Wolf wants us to remember Nathaniel is real. "Some of the things our kids have gone through, you and I could only imagine in our dreams, or nightmares."
Nathaniel described vivid nightmares according psychiatric records. During his first of two hospitalizations at Montevista, Dr. Collins ordered a procedure called a brain spect, injection of radioactive material to illuminate blood flow in the brain.
"My concern is that our foster kids are getting not just proper psychiatric care - that they're not being mistreated, or experimented on, or used as investigation tools," said Wolf.
A recent Medicaid review by Nevada State DHHS identified 96 Montevista patients who underwent brain imaging. The majority were kids in the juvenile justice, child welfare systems.

County Statement
Nevada Medicaid Statement:

Ted Gunderson Speech to Congressional Hearing on Child Protection Reform 3/13/04

Why Johnny Can't Come Home
Organized Pedophile Rings

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