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Spycraft Locksmithing Lock-picking & Safe-cracking [pack]

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Spycraft Locksmithing Lock-picking & Safe-cracking [pack] Locksmithing is a growing field that can provide a fascinating career, a good income, job security, and self-fulfilment to anyone with a desire to work hard and succeed. The professional locksmith possesses highly specialized skills that few others have, so a skilled locksmith is always in demand. As a locksmith, you’ll do interesting work while you’re helping people. For this reason, a professional locksmith is always highly regarded in the community and commands the respect of friends and business associates. We designed this practical program to teach you all the basic skills you need to start working as a professional locksmith. You can start using your new skills right away so that you can get the most out of your investment in training. You’ll learn at your own pace (as fast or slow as you wish) through step-by-step instruction. The lessons include hands-on exercises with real locks and professional-quality locksmithing tools. You’ll get all the benefits of professional instruction and training with none of the hassles of the formal classroom. In addition, all the valuable tools that come with your program are yours to keep and to use when you start your professional career. Many professional locksmiths have started successful careers with much less information than you’ll get in this program. With a willingness to learn and a little hard work, you can soon establish yourself as a first-rate locksmith in your community. As you begin this program, you’ll see why there’s a growing need for locksmiths. You’ll discover all types of locks and security devices and you’ll learn how to repair and install all of them. You’ll learn what types of tools locksmiths use and how to set up a proper workbench the way the professionals do. Later in the program, you’ll learn about locksmithing specialties like auto work, safe work, and electronic security. We’ll even show you how to open your own business when you complete the program. Program Preview Just about everyone has thought about what it would be like to have their own business. When you own a business, you work for yourself—you’re the boss. Your creativity and good ideas won’t go to waste. You’re the most important person in the company and no one can fire you. All of the profits of the business are yours; you can feel that your hard work is really paying off. In this program, you’ll learn how you can start your own business and become self-employed, if you choose. You’ll also learn professional locksmithing methods that will save you time and maximise your profits. On the other hand, you may prefer to work for someone else. Perhaps you only want to work part-time, or even as a sub- contractor performing repairs only occasionally. Well, there are many excellent opportunities in locksmithing for you too! You may choose to work for an established locksmith, a security installation company, or even part-time in your own home. locks ebooks 1 Anti-Forensics - The Keys to the Farm.pdf Beating the BiLock.pdf CIA Lock Picking Field Operative Training Manual.pdf Disk Detainer Picking.pdf Easy Pickings A Self Teaching Manual in the Technique of Lock Picking.pdf ERA British Standard Mortice Locks.pdf Four Types of Lock by Deviant Ollam.pdf How to Make PLT Professional Lock Tools.pdf How to Pick a Lock.pdf Improvised Lock Picks.pdf Lock Picking Detail Overkill.pdf Lockpicking Forensics by datagram.pdf LSI Guide to Lock Picking.pdf Make Your Own Lock Picks.pdf MIT Guide to Lock Picking.pdf Mul-T-Lock Design and Security.pdf Ninja Book Room Entry Lock Picking Techniques.pdf Picking Car Locks.pdf Security Lock T-260.pdf The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing.pdf The Complete Guide to Lock Picking.pdf The Secret of Picking Locks.pdf Visual Guide to Lock Picking.pdf ebooks 2 CIA Field Expedient Key Casting Manual Paladin Press.pdf Homemade Snap Pick.pdf How Lock Picking Works.pdf How to Make Your Own Professional Lock Tools Eddie the Wire Vol 3.pdf How to Make Your Own Tubular Lockpick.pdf How to Open Locks.pdf How to Pick a Lock Using a Paperclip.pdf How to Pick a Lock.pdf Improvised Lock Picks.pdf Intro to Lockpicking and Key Bumping.pdf Jack MacLean Secrets of a Superthief.pdf Key Bumping.pdf Lock Picking Simplified 1974 Desert Pubs.pdf Lockpick Intro.pdf Lockpicking.pdf Locks Abloy Discs Make the Difference.pdf Magnetic Lockpick.pdf New 15 Bumpkey Template and Instructions.pdf Notes on Picking and Torque Tools For Pin Tumbler Locks.pdf Professional Locksmith Study Course 1189p.pdf Rekeying Manual.pdf Secrets of Lock Picking.pdf Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lock Picking & Physical Security.pdf The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places Jack Luger.pdf The DEA Handbook (Hiding Keys).pdf ebooks 3 Alarm Bypass.pdf Easy Pickings - Mini Lock Picking Manual.pdf Forcible Entry Techniques.pdf How Safecracking Works.pdf Jack MacLean - Secrets of a Superthief.pdf LSI Guide to Lockpicking.pdf LSS+ Electronic Infobase Edition of Locks Safes and Security, Version 5_0.pdf Open in Thirty Seconds, Defcon 16.pdf Safecracking for the Computer Scientist - Matt Blaze.pdf Sargent and Greenleaf Mechanical Safe Lock Guide.pdf Techniques of Safe Cracking - Wayne Yeager, Loompanics.pdf The Illustrated Art of Lock-Picking, 1976.pdf The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation.pdf Visual Guide to Lock Picking.pdf ebooks 4 American Lock Bitting Specifications.xlsx American Lock Build Date Code Tool.xlsx American Master Lock Codes.xlsx Axxess Keys Cross Reference.docx 90105D Signature Series low res.pdf 90107 KESO low res.pdf Abloy Locks Han Fey.pdf American Padlock Service Manual 2012.pdf Best Access Systems Cabinet Locks.pdf Best Access Systems Cylinders.pdf Best Access Systems Cylindrical Locks 2.pdf Best Access Systems Cylindrical Locks.pdf Best Access Systems Misc.pdf Best Access Systems Mortise Locksets.pdf Best Access Systems Padlocks.pdf Best Access Systems Tubular Deadbolts.pdf BEST Padlock Service Manual.pdf Decode Master Lock Combination Locks.pdf DOM IX Dimple System Han Fey.pdf H10 american lock.pdf Lockpicking Detail Overkill.pdf Medeco Catalog.pdf MIT Lock Guide.pdf Mul T Lock Catalog.pdf Mul T Lock Information Paper.pdf Obtaining Abus Plus Key Code.pdf Section 0 Introduction and Index.pdf Section 1 Vehicle Automotive.pdf Section 2 North American Cylinders.pdf Section 3 International Cylinders.pdf Section 4 Lookalikes.pdf Section 5 Flat Steel Misc.pdf Section 6 Safe Deposit.pdf Section 7 Bit and Barrel Keys.pdf Section 9 Key Machines.pdf Section 10 Cross Reference.pdf SG 0881 Article.pdf SG 8077 Instructions.pdf SG Environmental Instructions.pdf Signature Series New.pdf Signature Series Old.pdf signature svc 2.pdf signature.pdf The Viro Cylindrical Padlock.pdf Which Lock Should I Buy? – BosnianBill's LockLab.pdf videos 1 bosnianbill - hardware (111) Review_ Peterson Phoenix Ultimate GSP Pick Set (Soon To Be Released) (480p).mp4 (375) Building Your First Lock Pick Kit (480p).mp4 (500) EVERYTHING About Tension Tools! (480p).mp4 (784) Review_ H&H 30-Piece Pick Set (480p).mp4 (813) Review_ Sparrows Vorax (480p).mp4 bosnianbill - Lock Picking for Beginners (24) How to _Rock_ Open a Lock in Seconds (480p).mp4 (36) Master Model 911 SPP'd (and Tension Tool Info) (480p).mp4 (62) How to Pick Sargent & Greenleaf Model 0881 Environmental Padlock (480p).mp4 (63) Rapid Entry Planning (Against Locking Devices) (480p).mp4 (69) The POWER of B_tch Picking (480p).mp4 (92) Train to Pick Locks Under STRESS! (480p).mp4 (168) How to Bypass Euro Thumb turn Cylinders (Protect Yourself!!!) (480p).mp4 (185) Improve Your Lock Picking Skills (for Beginners) (480p).mp4 (190) Lockpicking Fakery_ Don't Let Tricksters Steal Your Confidence!! (480p).mp4 (198) Abus 82_70 Picked Open (Mushroom Pins for Beginners) (480p).mp4 (225) How to Pick Dimple Locks (for Beginners) & an African Lion (480p).mp4 (245) Abus ZB Milled Open & Bypass Explained (480p).mp4 (247) The _Secret_ to Opening Evva Locks (480p).mp4 (253) How to Pick Cross (Zeiss) Locks (480p).mp4 (254) Picking & Bypassing Wafer Locks (480p).mp4 (260) Every Day Carry Lockpick Kit (Kerpeesh Picks!!) (480p).mp4 (269) How to Rake Open SFIC (Removeable Cores) (480p).mp4 (289) Shielded and Unshielded Padlocks (480p).mp4 (290) HEAVY Tension Technique (480p).mp4 (310) How to Open Russwin Locks (480p).mp4 (314) Picking Rukos (480p).mp4 (315) Picking the Assa SCD (480p).mp4 (348) _Tickle_ Dimple Locks Open - Fast! (480p).mp4 (361) SHIM those nasty locks open! (480p).mp4 (375) Building Your First Lock Pick Kit (480p).mp4 (404) Attacking Locks (For Beginners) (480p).mp4 (432) Beating Wafer Locks (for Beginners) (480p).mp4 (452) Finding the Right Tension (for Beginners) (480p).mp4 (459) Master's _Training Locks_ (480p).mp4 (464) How to Bump Locks Containing Security Pins (480p).mp4 (472) Kryptonite Padlock Opened & _Secret_ Explained (480p).mp4 (497) Core Shimming Opening Technique (480p).mp4 (500) EVERYTHING About Tension Tools! (480p).mp4 (540) Rake Open Medeco Locks_ YES! (480p).mp4 (553) Make Bump Keys the RIGHT way! (480p).mp4 (566) Lock Lab Tour (480p).mp4 (569) Chicago Cabinet Lock (Thanks Wayne!) (480p).mp4 (581) Lock Lab's Naughty Bucket (Padlocks) (480p).mp4 (582) Lock Lab's Naughty Bucket (Euro Profiles) (480p).mp4 (583) Lock Lab's Naughty Bucket (Mortises, etc) (480p).mp4 (587) Overlifting (Reverse Picking) Pin Tumbler Locks (480p).mp4 (588) How to (RE)Assemble Locks (480p).mp4 (603) Knog Padlock Picked Open (Thanks Vitaly!) (480p).mp4 (643) VL Combo - TOO Easy!! (480p).mp4 (678) Flywheel's Spool-a-thon (480p).mp4 (688) Kaba 8 - The EZPZ Way... (480p).mp4 (690) Papa Gleb's Bag-o-Locks (480p).mp4 (700) How to Pick Serrated Pins (480p).mp4 (701) Nick's Corbin Cabinet Lock (480p).mp4 (716) Toledo T070 _Pseudo_ Padlock (480p).mp4 (719) Matt's PRIORITY Yale Padlock (480p).mp4 (729) Scott's 100G PacLock (480p).mp4 (751) Using Comb Picks (480p).mp4 (752) Shimming Padlocks (480p).mp4 (757) Tips for Picking Dimple Locks (480p).mp4 (791) How to Pick Disc Detainer Locks (480p).mp4 (858) Southern Specialties LPH-12E Pick Kit (480p).mp4 (867) How to Impression a Key (480p).mp4 (898) 48-Hour SUMMER Giveaway! (480p).mp4 (935) Psychological Warfare #2 (480p).mp4 (936) Review_ Pro-Lok Follower Set (480p).mp4 (940) Andre's Brazilian Papaiz Cross Padlock (480p).mp4 Budget Training Locks (480p).mp4 Choosing a Vise (480p).mp4 How to Kinetic Attack (480p).mp4 How to Rake (480p).mp4 How to Rock (480p).mp4 How to SPP (480p).mp4 How to Zip (480p).mp4 Ultimate Challenge Lock (480p).mp4 How to make a pick gun How to make a pick (SNAP) gun homemade part 2 (480p).mp4 How to make a pick gun homemade part 1 (480p).mp4 How to open safe with lost combination How to open safe with lost combination, key, re-purpose repair reuse, part 1 of 3 safe cracking (480p).mp4 How to open safe with lost combination, key, re-purpose repair reuse, part 2 of 3 safe cracking (480p).mp4 How to open safe with lost combination, key, re-purpose repair reuse, part 3 of 3 safe cracking (480p).mp4 Schuyler Towne - Lockpicking Introduction videos 2 205 SafeCracking on a Budget Redux David Hunt and Zack Nagaich (480p).mp4 B and E; A to Z - How to Get in Anywhere, Anytime (360p).mp4 DEFCON 13 A Safecracking Double Feature Dial 'B' For BackDialing and Spike the Wonder Safe (360).mp4 DEFCON 14 - Eric Schmiedl Safecracking Without a Trace (480p).mp4 EEVblog #762 - How Secure Are Electronic Safe Locks (480p).mp4 Lockpicking, Safecracking, & More by Deviant Ollam & renderman at ShmooCon 3 (360).mp4 Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key (480p).mp4 Six Ways to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties & Duct Tape! (480p).mp4 Spies Next Door 3 Stories of Espionage and Counterintelligence in Arlington VA (480p).mp4 Superpicking, The Ultimate Lock Opening Video (480p).mp4 The Last HOPE Safe-Cracking (480p).mp4 videos 3 Cracking A Sentry Electronic Keypad Safe with Tubular Lock (480p).mp4 Diebold safecracking (480p).mp4 How A Safe Works (480p).mp4 How the Handcuffs work (480p).mp4 How to Assemble Cylinder lock Yale 6 pins (480p).mp4 How to Break Into ANY Modern Safe - 3 Attack Methods - HACK THE WORLD (480p).mp4 How to Escape from Handcuffs with secure (480p).mp4 How works a safelock (with coaxial wheels combination device) (480p).mp4 James Bond (Master Safe-Cracker) (480p).mp4 Jeff Sitar - Champion Safe Cracker (480p).mp4 Port St Lucie Locksmith, Safe Cracker (480p).mp4 Recovering the combination on a Sentry s0207 fire safe (480p).mp4 Safe Cracker Liberty Locksmiths (480p).mp4 Safe Cracking (How to open a safe) (480p).mp4 Safe Cracking with Feynman - Numberphile (480p).mp4 Uncrackable safe Cracked (480p).mp4 World Champion Safecracker Jeff Sitar Cracks Bank Vault in 5 Minutes by Touch (360).mp4 locks.jpg Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from - Demonoid.txt tags: locks, lockpicking, safes, safecracking, locksmithing, burglar, security, safety, survival
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