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Spike, covid and graphene detox technique

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Against the effects of the Spike protein and Covid, an exercise to try, a taste of why I say that the research of should be released immediately, it has the ability to immunize without herbs or medicines, write to them in English or French and press for them to release it.

This is a technique that's powerful to change the body association with the things we work on and starts the process of the body eliminating them but it is NOT the full treatment, as you can read on their page the issue is much bigger and it involves many pathogens, this is only what I have put together from what I know with a technique that is published, so not to incur in any legal issues. I believe it to be safe, the Institute says this technique of Body Association is safe, but experiment at your own responsibility. If you have side effects from the vaccine or from living or interacting with people who have taken it I'd try it...