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A Space and Transient Researcher's Literary Library: Books: Science and Engineering Disciplines (Complete: Update #1 - 2013.0

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A Space and Transient Researcher's Literary Library: Books: Science and Engineering Disciplines (Complete)
(Update #1 - 2013.06)

This book project is broken up over several torrents and encompasses almost every area of knowledge known to man. The master index of all the torrent files, titled "A Space and Transient Researcher's Literary Library: A Guide to Everything Fact and Fiction," is located at:

For a hierarchical folder listing with pointers to the individual torrent files check out:

The top-level directories in this torrent include:

¦ ¦
¦ +---__Science and Engineering Disciplines
¦ | +---__Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Mechanical Engineering
¦ | +---__Astronomy
¦ | +---__Chemistry, Biology, and Biotech
¦ | +---__Civil Engineering and Agronomy
¦ | +---__Computer-Aided Technologies (CAx - CADCAM)
¦ | +---__Computer Science
¦ | +---__Control and Systems Theory
¦ | +---__Earth Science and Zoology
¦ | +---__Electrical, Acoustical, and Computer Engineering
¦ | +---__Energy Research
¦ | +---__Fabrication and Industrial Engineering
¦ | +---__General, Unsolved Problems, and Science-Politics
¦ | +---__Imaging, Photogrammetry, Photography, and Lighting
¦ | +---__Information Science
¦ | +---__Linguistics and Communication
¦ | +---__Material Science
¦ | +---__Mathematics
¦ | +---__Nanotechnology and Nanoscience
¦ | +---__Physics and Cosmology
¦ | +---__Remote Sensing
¦ | +---__Robotics
¦ | +---__Space Science and Technology
¦ | +---__Spectroscopy and Imaging
¦ | +---Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology
¦ | +---Handbook of Optics

For the full directory listing see:

Alternatively a downloadable copy of the full zero'ed out directory listing is online at: (pass: books)

To view the complete listing of all files see the following ids:

1. Qskyey76
2. LeFXwLjZ
3. k7Aue5zB
4. f4iR9ny8
5. crayJjyu
6. V3HcuTJL

Realize, human progress, and what we call culture, are precarious and can disappear very quickly if the circumstances are right. Against the threat of descent into barbarism is education. It is in everyone's best interest to have a highly educated population. Without which there is no hope for a better tomorrow.

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