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Southernprepper One - Survival Tactics for Preppers [pack 2]

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Southernprepper One - Survival Tactics for Preppers [pack 2] Survival, in all types of climates; calls for a thorough knowledge of your ability to live under the most strenuous conditions. The greatest obstacle you will confront in the wilderness is fear of the unknown. Like any problem you face, fear can be overcome with reasoning. First, let us analyze two important words. Survival is "to live, remain alive or in existence". Psychology is "the study of the mental behavioral characteristics of an individual". We are going to learn, "the manner of conducting oneself to remain alive". Remember that many men and women have already undergone such survival experiences and have lived through them. When faced with a survival situation, stop and think the situation over. Size up things and then plan your course of action. There will be the immediate temptation to move off in some direction, and attempt everything at once. This will use up valuable strength and add to your confusion. Regardless of where you are, take time to consider your predicament and the best way out. Remember, you are the key person in your survival situation. Some say it's already too late for prepping now. Do you still breathe? Well, then it's not too late. It's just an excuse for lazy people. Level 1: Why prepping, there's nothing wrong with the system. You preppers are just crazy conspiracy-nuts. Level 2: I guess you were right, but why prepping, it's too late now anyway. The government will take care of me. From level 1 to level 2: From doing nothing to doing nothing - how very convenient. Truly, human beings are the masters of self-deception. ebook pack 2 Identifying Undercover Activity and Agents by Timothy W Tobiason.pdf LDS Preparedness Manual LDS Preparedness Manual, 2011.pdf LDS Preparedness Manual, 2012.pdf Preparedness Manual Based Upon the LDS Preparedness Manual.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol I Basic Training.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol II The Basics.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol III Explosives.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol IV Incendiaries & Fire.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol V Chemical Weapons.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI A Biological Weapons.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI B Plant Based Weapons Part 1.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI B Plant Based Weapons Part 2 text.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI B Plant Based Weapons Part 2.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI C Mold Based Weapons.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI D Organization Conduct of Biological Warfare.pdf Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Vol VI E Modified Bacteria Weapons.pdf video pack 2 2 city preppers doing what they can.mp4 3 non sexy_cool items you might need as a prepper.mp4 3 tillers for my homestead and retreat.mp4 A 500 gallon septic tank for a cache or small underground shelter.mp4 A book I can't put downGOING HOME.mp4 A budget Wrol arsenal I acquired in the last 2 months.mp4 A bug out bag put together by a 10 year old young man.mp4 A channel that I enjoy and a video that needs to be seen.mp4 A combat multiplier Flir Scout PS 24.mp4 A cooking option for the prepperFirebox Stove.mp4 A economic collapsewhat would you do right NOW.mp4 A forgotten area for preppers Solve it NOW.mp4 A Gift from Parlusk1791 Kydex AR15 magazine holder.mp4 A hidden shelter in a home.mp4 A important prepping item that could be forgotten.mp4 A large cache or a small temporary hide.mp4 A little time and work now will save a lot of work in a WROL situation.mp4 A long line at the gun show.mp4 A mundane WROL task that must be done.mp4 A potential failure I caught in time.mp4 A private gun range underground.mp4 A slow or fast movement out of the cities in a WROL situation_.mp4 A store for preppersRain water collection heaven.mp4 A very easy EMP proof water system.mp4 A watch tower for your survival retreat.mp4 Additional steps to safe guard our rights.mp4 Additions to the homesteadPIGS.mp4 Annihilation of the Second Amendment.mp4 AR 500 plates vs Ceramic plates.mp4 Are you ready for the storm_.mp4 Ballistic panels to protect your home.mp4 Be a minuteman prepper Ready to react immediately.mp4 Better check your fluids.mp4 Bug Out Bag Class.mp4 Buying the right land for a homestead or a WROL retreat.mp4 Checking a buried cache or life pod.mp4 Combat Fit- How to climb a rope.mp4 Cooking bread on top of your wood stove.mp4 Dakota Fire Pit.mp4 Danger area while you bug out or run security for your community.mp4 Danger of moving thru others property and shoot and dont shoot.mp4 Develop your WROL menu now.mp4 Developing a Spring (Before we started the work).mp4 Developing a spring (Finished product).mp4 Does the prepper or survivalist need a helmet_.mp4 Don't forget these non cool security items.mp4 Dont let them win Stay united.mp4 Electrical problem for a storm or WROL is fixed.mp4 Emergency escape now or in a WROL emergency.mp4 EMP proof water plan.mp4 Filling up your bug out vehicle quickly.mp4 Firewood, prepping with no money, and a big Thank you.mp4 Freedom is burning in my soul.mp4 From bank safe to gun safe.mp4 From my heart.mp4 Getting started in Solar power.mp4 Group food fairness in a WROL situation.mp4 Hand and Bicycle Powered Generator.mp4 Hard question for you today_.mp4 Hard work pays offGreat prepping deals.mp4 High volume of potable water from many sources.mp4 Home made smoke bombs.mp4 How the government can track us.mp4 I am leaving and going back to my roots.mp4 Improvised hot water heating devise from a tire and a piece of glass.mp4 Instant WROL shelter.mp4 Its not the end of the worldPray and Prep.mp4 Kevlar helmet vs 38, 9mm and 30 carbine.mp4 M60- Combat Multiplier for the minuteman or prepper.mp4 MapsA forgotten prepping item.mp4 Medical concerns in WROL.mp4 Minuteman Assault Bag.mp4 Minuteman- Individual movements.mp4 Minuteman- Assault bag for a Mission.mp4 Minuteman- Mags and reloading.mp4 Minuteman- Most Important thing to do.mp4 Minuteman- Movement as a group,.mp4 Minuteman- Organizing for a mission.mp4 Minuteman-Hand and Arm Signals.mp4 More ideas on having a WROL retreat.mp4 My backup emergency water plan.mp4 My budget water plan for a small cabin.mp4 My dark side of prepping.mp4 My doomsday prepping items are really everyday items.mp4 My first radio show on Preparedness Radio Network tonight at 9 PM eastern.mp4 My new shooting range.mp4 My Number 1 combat multiplier for a WROL situationNight vision.mp4 My off grid security system.mp4 My savings account in another form.mp4 My street scene.mp4 My WROL or emergency kitchen.mp4 Networking with me and eggs for all preppers.mp4 New and improved signal device.mp4 One of our own wrote a book_ The Prepper's Handbook.mp4 Opportunity to help our fellow american, National Geograhic Special.mp4 Our first tactical training class.mp4 OWN THE NIGHT Video.mp4 Prepper and Survivalist BEWARE.mp4 Preppers in Swain county NC group forming.mp4 Probably no raid on the Tenn cannary.mp4 Protecting your home from fireNow and in a WROL situation.mp4 PVS 14 at night.mp4 Quarantine and IsolationDo you have a plan_.mp4 Rabbit update and up coming prepper gatherings.mp4 Race Relationship in a WROL Event.mp4 Radio communication NOW and in a WROL situation.mp4 Rain catchment for anyone in the city or country or at home or traveling.mp4 Rescue on the mountain.mp4 Run and Gun in the Dark DBAL-1 Night Laser.mp4 Salvaging for my retreat and homestead.mp4 Scenario video-The self appointed mayor is found and will be dealt with.mp4 Scenario videoThe little things will kill us.mp4 Scenario videoThe second winter brings more problems for our community.mp4 Security ideas for a WROL situation pertaining to your perimeter.mp4 Shooting with a chemical gas mask on.mp4 Signal device and combat multiplier.mp4 Snake versus Southernprepper1.mp4 Some of my thoughts on prepping.mp4 SP1 down but not out.mp4 SP1 having fun shooting steel with friends.mp4 Stories of war that might help you in a WROL event.mp4 Suburban security Part 1 of 2.mp4 Suburban Security part 2.mp4 Summer Kitchen , new cook stove and keep Dsarti in your prayers.mp4 Tactical and retreat security classes very soon.mp4 Tactical tip of the dayShooting over a kneeling partner.mp4 Thankful but longing for true freedom.mp4 The 48 hour challenge contest.mp4 The Doomsday Prepper Report Card.mp4 The long range threat to your survival retreat.mp4 The Survival books I have read in the last 30 days.mp4 Three recent prepping related books I have read.mp4 Training the Minuteman of today.mp4 Two light weight stoves for your bug out bag.mp4 Two years of youtubeThank You.mp4 UPDATE and Clarifying on last video.mp4 Update on my channel.mp4 Using a 22 long conversion kit in your AR15.mp4 Using a reverse slope defense in a WROL situation.mp4 Wanting to join a survival group_ Do it NOW.mp4 What do you owe them after WROL_.mp4 What events or experiences in your life will help you survive WROL.mp4 What I do for a living and our latest water project.mp4 Will a WROL situation change the ladder of society.mp4 Would we need this again in a WROL situation_.mp4 WROL Pre-Combat inspection for the prepper.mp4 You will not survive the end of the world or a zombie invasion without this product.mp4 Your WROL extended defense is about to fallHelp.mp4 tags: prepper, survival, warfare, militia, weapons, military, army, emergency
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