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Skype Lets You Spy On Strangers

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Skype Lets You Spy On Strangers

Skype Suffers Serious Security Scare

“Can you hear me?” “Can YOU hear me?” “I can’t hear you” – How every Skype call starts.

— Ash (@ashdigital_) December 24, 2014

Skype has a rather serious security issue which means people using the Microsoft-owned service on Android can be spied on by others.

The flaw involves people with two devices connected to the same Skype account. If that person calls a friend on one device and then severs the network connection, the recipient’s phone will then automatically call the person back, being rerouted to the second device. This seems to be a problem limited to Skype on Android.

In layman’s terms, this means Person A would be able to hear Person B without Person B having any knowledge that they were in a Skype call. That is all the while they fail to look at their phone and see the user interface revealing the truth.

Signing out of Skype when you’re not using it should solve the issue, but it’s clearly not a permanent solution. Which means there are likely to be a few engineers at Skype HQ who have just had their holiday leave cancelled. Those poor saps.

if it does this for regular users imagine what it does for its state sponsors.