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Skynet Artificial Intelligence and the Transhuman Hive-Mind Control Grid

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Skynet Artificial Intelligence and the Transhuman Hive-Mind Control Grid Please Note: The albums in this torrent contain real mk-delta monarch mind control. This is for experimental and academic purposes only. The author of this torrent won't accept any responsibility for your potentially foolish behavior. Victims of mind control will get triggered by this material in many cases. Project Camelot has been covering the roll-out of Artificial Intelligence, that emerged from the PROMIS SOFTWARE augmentation by Michael Riconisciutto to the Battle of the AI's playing out in Aurora Colorado and the Mark Richard's interviews. Project Camelot witness, Pete Peterson in Part Three of our interview, years ago admitted that in essence we were already living in the TERMINATOR scenario with a Skynet centralized command and control system. We reported and interview Anthony Sanchez extensively regarding PROJECT LEONID the Lockheed Martin nano satellite grid in place surrounding our planet and the whistleblowers on the run who reported these satellites were self-replicating and self-repairing. We have also covered the downing of various flights specifically the link to the Freescale division of Motorola centralized master chip and disappearance of MH flight 370. We have reported the targeting capability of the AI system directly connected to weapons using the original PROMIS database to profile racial, social, political and other categorization of humanity. Our whistleblower Jake Simpson, years ago talked about the extensive surveillance capability of the secret government that goes far beyond anything talked about by Edward Snowden. Overview The Bio-Cybernetics Drone System was created as a unit dossier able to create, develop and research within the fields of robotics. The Bio-Cybernetics Drone System is able to generate advanced drones capable of different assigned scenarios based on needs, the system thereof creates a drone ready for his/her assigned purpose without the hassle of manual programming. The system does not require resources to produce it's assigned capability and is a functioning centralized system operating at 100% capacity at all times without interruptions. The system makes use of Nano-Construction methods and Holo-Mapping to build and sculpture the drones accordingly. The system cannot be manually assessed and or changed without Neural Authorization of Advent Officials and his/her DNA configurations. The system is also immune to exterior influences and internal attempts of unauthorized tampering of any kind. The system is hardwired into Communications HUB in order to relay direct tactical instructions within seconds to ground-side forces and or space wearing drones without enemy salutations of any type, the system is immune to enemy sieges such as Viral, Hack, Breach and or Manual Override attempts. XY Cybernetic Drones Vat-grown cybernetic labour. Using the human genome as a basis, numerous cybernetic components are added during accelerated growth in a cloning tank. Drones are chemically lobotomised and are entirely dependent on neural processor implants to regulate their decision-making and vital functions (like breathing and heartbeat). Despite this, drones are reasonably intelligent and able to learn and perform complex tasks even when instructed with the vague syntax and semantics of natural languages. They are far cheaper than equivalent robots, so much so that we consider them disposable. Drones are "educated" by neural implants during growth, and can be created for specialized tasks on demand. We typically replace customers' drones after several decades of deployment. Drones' effective lifespans are a closely-guarded trade secret. Mastering the Human Domain and the Global AI Hive-mind System If you want to understand all of this, then you may have to study my previous torrents about subliminal mind control and subliminals hidden in music albums. This torrent will help you get the bigger picture about what is going on, and see subliminal mind control merely as one single but crucial component within a huge system of social engineering, transhuman transformation, and bringing forth a Luciferian one world order. Knowing some pieces of the puzzle isn't good enough though, you will also have to put the pieces together in order to get the famous big picture. Files: hivemind audio albums with subliminal mind control {zyntax01} new world order MP3 Around The Sun Butterfly Monarch Drone 320VBR Delta - Digital Download 320VBR Devious Methods MP3 Monarch Butterfly - EP 320VBR Monarch Programming MP3 Shadow of the Dolls MP3 Smile If You Masturbate MP3 Sunshine MP3 Wasteland MP3 Xyn - Subdermal (Deluxe Edition) MP3 analyzed subliminals C2M radio show C2M Ep 437 JB Wells & L9N (64kbps).mp3 Caravan to Midnight Episode 289 Jade Helm Something wicked this way comes (64kbps).mp3 Caravan to Midnight Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded (64kbps).mp3 ebooks Alberts_NCW.pdf pictures album covers other pics README Mastering the Human Domain The Global A.I. Hive-mind System.mp3 Mastering the Human Domain The Global AI Hive-mind System.txt Mastering the Human Domain The Global AI Hive-mind System.pdf text Misa Ibiza fliers @ Ibiza Full Sion Ibiza Times.pdf SNOG Black Lung Soma Interview Blauerosen.pdf The Atlantean Conspiracy - 37.pdf You searched for “cube”.pdf videos ipcress mind control Jade Helm and Cutting Out the Human Nodes Subliminal Mind Control and Hypnotic Image Sequence The Cube - Occult Symbols in Everyday Life Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from tags: hive, mind, hexagon, cube, mkultra, subliminal, artificial intelligence, transhuman, posthuman
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