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Skull and Bones Membership List 1833-1985 (2006)

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Skull and Bones Membership List 1833-1985 (2006)

Antony Sutton and Charlotte Iserbyt blew the lid on S&B, the secret society which inserts itself into our government without our asking and without even the knowledge of most people. Since keeping any part of our government's motives from the people is inherently treasonous, it is well and fitting that at least the membership is published. Since all of these people have something to hide from the American people, some may regard this as a list of people unfit to hold any public office.

Members of the following groups are mentioned to some degree:

BB = Bilderberger
CFR = Council on Foreign Relations
J = Jewish (very incomplete) (Zionists)
RS = Rhode Scholar
S&B = Skull and Bones (Yale)
TC = Trilateral Commission

comment: A list of all high-degree masons would be highly interesting too. If you do have such a list then please seed.