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Site sucks

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Site sucks

This site sucks these days.

Tracker is spammed full of shit uploads thanks to ryba777 and his bullshit.

Forum is fucking dead and doesn't have any of the old content.

Yeti do you work for the US government?

Did you fake the hack to fuck up the site. Is this now a honeypot for islamic terrorism?


I would have told you where to find the old forum content...

...but you don't deserve to know.

I'd like to know

I thought we had lost all of the old content, and were just suffering -until- the goods were delivered :)

Look at the menu, top right

Click the link titled "Old Forum".

I'd Like to know etc....

It was right under his nose.. too funny

I'm a n00b on the site and so far so amazing to find a site with so much information on it. Thanks and I'm trilled about my new membership here.

I Agree

I just found this site and thank God it's public.
So it ain't what it used to be, but it is what it is. I thank every uploader and seeder for their time and effort.


that was quite a wee tirade! please try to make sure you pick up your dummy from the floor!
that's where ALL the old forum content is.
as for "fucking" .. i imagine off is the direction you are going to fuck :-)
Quite funny really

it isn't what it used to be

Yeah, the current iteration is, well lacking, but when your database is hacked ...shit happens.

Let me tell you something you UNGRATEFUL LITTLE FUCK! This site PREDATES YouTube, Twitter, and all SOCIAL MEDIA IN GENERAL. Back in the day before YOUTUBE inter alia, thiis site LED THE CHARGE against the Jew World Order. IN FACT, it was my OWN RIPPING of a VHS tape, ( r u old nuff to know what VHS WAS?) borrowed from an old user namd Yodin, that FIRST WAS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! !!! MR. (copy my vids) Alex Jones actually rip...MY effort, using an ATI video/tv card to transcode a VHS TAPE into something actually downloadable! I spent HUNDREDS OF HOURS ripping old vids from the likes of Anthony J Hilder, Jordan Maxwell etc . You ungrateful cunt, the first 40 or so vids that MADE THIS TRACKER ...yes MADE IT, were the result of MY TIME, MY GAS, MY CAR, driving across Alberta to meet an ANINWO hero, Yodin who gave me dozens of (never on the net) videos in blurry videotape that was so degradated IT HAD TO BE PRESERVED! !!!

YOU have NO IDEA how many THOUSANDS of hours spent building this site be it by me, or those that followed after. You don't have a CLUE, so STFU bitch!

I ripped vids going back to

I ripped vids going back to NINETEEN SIXTY EIGHT, that were ripped from FILM, to video tape to being ENCODED on my computer. A two hour vid used to take TEN HOURS to turn into something downloadable at LESS THAN A GIGAHERT OF COMPUTING POWER.. Fuck off you ungrateful CUNT!

and you know what?

Slam yeti all you want. But you know what? When I used to run SLASH OWN this site, the saskwatch man was the most brilliant IT guy a webmaster could wish for. We never completely saw eye-to-eye on lots of things, speshly politics, but he WORKED HIS ASS OFF, doing his best, UNPAID fighting off DDOS attacks and the like.. Once ConCen went from a BNBT tracker to php based, the dude was a Guru. Not paid, under-appreciated and overworked. Sure, his personality made enemies. So did mine, just ask Pax, Madthumbs, or whatever enemies still remember me since I left this site in'08 or so. I worked with some AWESOME people over the years. Some of my old forum moderators I question my own sanity about appointing. But a decade or more later I THANK THEM ALL for the heart , time and EFFORT they put into ConCen. Please realize they gave their all.


Sure, his personality made enemies. So did mine, just ask Pax

enemy? i don't class you as an enemy...I save such classification for real life things and have few of them

If you're going to complain about anything...

the color palette is a little drab

yeah, I got nuthin'...

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