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Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking (2020)

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This documentary goes where no other film about child sex trafficking has gone before to provide accurate, in-depth, and gut-wrenching information, testimonies, and statistics on the darkest elements of this issue.

There is a sinister wickedness encompassing our country-it doesn't fit any profile, doesn't lend to predictability, and strikes without warning. While it may sound familiar, very few understand how deep it goes. Child sex trafficking is only the beginning. Never before has a documentary dared to expose the true depths of this occult evil. After watching this film, you will never be the same.

Josh Peck

Josh Peck, Dr. Thomas Horn, Jaco Booyens

John B. Wells

Faith and Spirituality, Documentary


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Unfortunately it appears as though a portion of the bottom and possibly the top of this video got clipped during encoding. It is still watchable though, just some things missing.

The producers are offering a DVD package of this documentary plus several other items for $35 here:

Wow, how did you get that lovely font in your subject header?

I think this documentary was made by strongly devout Christians, which is entirely okay, but the title is referencing Satanism and the occult in relationship to child trafficking. Cases like the infamous "Finders" from the 1980s etc.

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lol, this is based on a true story