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Shoot the Moon - A True Story by Crrow777 (2019)

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Shoot the Moon - A True Story by Crrow777
A Jason Lindgren Film

Shoot the Moon is a documentary film about the telescope work of the man known as Crow, or Crrow777.

It includes the first filming of the phenomenon that would come to be called the Lunar Wave, that was first captured in the Fall of 2012.

The releasing of this footage catapulted Crrow777 to becoming known all over the world, first for the Lunar Wave, and then the numerous other amazing pieces of objects and astronomical footage that he caught during his four years of continuous filming through his telescopes.

The film includes seven different Lunar Waves, a ton of objects in the sky, both during the day and the night, many of which are seen transiting the Moon.

No other film contains so many objects and anomalies that have been shot with high-end optics and telescopes, and is presented with interview segments discussing the work.

The accompanying original score makes this documentary film a one of a kind adventure.

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