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The Shocking Truth about Dragon Skin Body Armor

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The Shocking Truth about Dragon Skin Body Armor

For the last 5 1/2 years since the start of the war in Afghanistan, US troops have been provided with protective armor that is INFERIOR to the most current armor available today. The Army banned the armor before it even tested it. And independent tests show - and the creator of the current armor agrees - that the Dragon Skin armor is by far the best armor our troops can have. So why is it banned by the Military? The story will shock you.

Check out this bad ass body armor Dragon Skin by Pinnacle, stops 21 AK bullets, and 120 9-mm from an MP5. For some reason it's not worn by the army.... Wonder why?

The Dragon Skin vests are known for their silver dollar sized circular discs linked together like fish scales or chain mail. This makes the vests flexible and allows for multiple hits. The discs are composed of advanced ceramic or titanium (depending on the vest rating) composite matrices and laminates.

"Dragon Skin" is a new kind of body armor made by Pinnacle Armor and worn by the U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protection detail, CIA, NSA, United States Department of Energy officials in Iraq, some journalists and contractors in Iraq, U.S. Air Force, some Special Ops forces, some police departments and SWAT teams, and nine U.S. Generals in the field (as of Jan 2006).

Comment: For the army soldiers get the best body armor money can buy - or rather the most corruptible politicians money can buy. And U.S. Generals are just unpatriotic traitors and liars. Shoot them to the moon! On the other hand, US-military wearing inferior body armor is a great gift for Hezbollah in Iraq. Thank you, corrupt and lying U.S. Generals and Members of Congress, you make Hezbollah win. But perhaps for the Illuminati, the war in Iraq was never about winning. You cannot keep up fear in the public mind by winning. The "war on terror" (Trade Mark) has to go on forever, and Bin Laden will never die..