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Ships of Light: The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience (2000)

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Two decades after Carlos Diaz's life-altering extraterrestrial encounter on a darkened stretch of Mexico mountain road, close encounters over the south-of-the-border country continue to occur at an alarming rate. With over 12,000 eyewitnesses including journalists, scientists, and the mayor of Mexico City providing just the evidence needed to further explore this strange and otherworldly phenomenon, investigators travel to Mexico to speak with Diaz about the messages sent to him by the aliens, and find out precisely what they intend to accomplish by opening the lines of communication with mankind. Interviews with some of the most credible UFO authorities currently working and stunning footage of aliens and their interstellar spacecrafts offer just the kind of evidence that could turn hardened skeptics into unquestioning believers.


thanks Ill check it!

Compared to new productions it is not the greatest. But I add it for the archives since it is an interesting case and also because Dr. John Mack is in it as well as a Disclosure Project witness - a Mexican air-traffic controller.

It is also on Amazon Prime, surprisingly!