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shieldoftheson (youtube channel)

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I would say this is a must download. Check the file list for complete details. Download and sample a few files. On second thought, just download the whole thing. There are so many good lectures from this author. You will really learn a lot. The narrator sometimes mispronounces certain words, just let it pass because he really goes into detail, providing the real truth.

Once again check this torrent out. I wouldn't be uploading something this large in size if it wasn't good. I will be uploading this torrent to the public sites in the future because everyone should have access to this information. So please help in seeding and if anyone could put this on their seedbox that would be cool.

My computer tells me hard-drive failure imminent. Hopefully I can upload at least one copy. Bought a new 2TB hard-drive. That should keep me busy for awhile. :yes:

Anyone have a 4TB hard-drive? :ras: