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Sexual Abuse of Nuns in Convents and Nunneries

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Sexual Abuse of Nuns in Convents and Nunneries


1- The Independent - Rape of Nuns by Priest in 23 Countries (2001). Vatican confirms report of sexual abuse and rape of nuns by
priests in 23 countries.

2- Knight Ridder - Thousands of Nuns Sexually Victimized (2003). A summary of the St. Louis University Survey amongst Nuns in the US.

3- TE Watson - What Goes on in the Nunneries? and Is your Brain for Sale?

4- Nuns and Nunneries - Sketches Compiled from Romish Authorities (1852).

5- De Potter - Female Convents Secrets (1834). Compiled from the Autograph Manuscripts of Scipio De Ricci – Roman Catholic Bishop of Pistonia and Prato.

6- Awful Disclosures by Maria Monk (1836).

7- F Hendrickson - The Black Convent Slave (1914). The climax of nunnery exposures.

8- The Convent Horror Of Barbara Ubryk (1957).

9- Escaped Nun – Disclosures of Convent Life, and the Confessions of a Sister of Charity.

10- JM Bunkley - Testimony of an Escaped Novice from Sisterhood St. Joseph (1955).

11- JM Wright - Secrets of Convent and Confession (1873).

12- R McCrindell - The Convent; A Narrative Founded on Facts (1848).

13, 14, 15- Atrocities of a Convent – Vol1, Vol2 and Vol3 (1808). The Necessity of Thinking for Ourselves Exemplified in the History of a Nun.

16- International Call to End Sexual Abuse of Nuns (2002).