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Sexual Abuse of Minors and Pedophilia by Priests and Clergymen

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Sexual Abuse of Minors and Pedophilia by Priests and Clergymen:

The scandal of sexual abuse of minors and pedophilia by priests and clergymen enjoyed a lot of attention. Thousands of reports and articles were written and many dedicated websites were built to cover this scandal. This is makes it difficult for an upload limited in size to cover all the different aspects of the scandal.

This upload focuses on the following:

- Review the extent of the size of sexual abuse of minors.

- Show that the problem is not limited to catholic priests, but many ministers from other denominations were guilty as well.

- Show that there is intentional cover-up to the scandal by the Church and the Vatican. Their response was not directed at solving the problem, but rather at silencing the victims through settlements, and reassigning the accused priests to other positions.