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Sex and Satanism in Music Videos (2012)

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Sex and Satanism in Music Videos (2012)

I decided to rename Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0 to Sex and Satanism in Music Videos because of relevance. The reupload is because the tracker torrentbay never displayed the peer information when uploading to different sites. If you already downloaded Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0 and would like to seed this file, just save this torrent to where you have the movie located and it will start at 100%. This way you can help me upload to all the people downloading this. Youtube link included this time. This link is to the 3 hour version. It will give you an idea of the film.

This is a redone different version of Music That Wants Your Soul, the same as the 2.0 version of Music That Wants Your Soul. The length has been shortened. It is now under 2 hours. The clips have been moved around. The first half has been completely moved around. Some stuff has been cut out. Redownload to see the improvements or to see if you like this version better. I feel this version is more watchable. Here is some info about the video.

This is a documentary about how I feel the music industry is Satanic. I used hundreds of music videos serving as examples. Lots of rock, rap, and pop music videos. The biggest names in the music industry are covered. The documentary is done from a Christian perspective. I made this for everyone to watch. I made this new version because I wanted to make the video under 2 hours. And I wanted to make it more watchable.

Move length - 1 hour and 56 mins
Qaulity around 2000 k/bits Audio 256 k/bits