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Hi, my name is Marcus, and I have a story to tell you. It is a long story and after you hear it, you will not understand it. Not due to your lack of intelligence but because of your training. You see, the law requires that everyone receive a government approved education. This means that we all know the same things. Ask anyone a question and you will get the same answer. But what are the things that were not approved, and why were they not approved?

Have you ever stopped to think? .......... I mean really stop to think without any influence. We willingly participate and get involved in so many things with no understanding of what we are doing. We do them because we were born into them or because everyone is doing them.

The law governs what we do and do not do; it governs everything. We are told no one is above the law and we must all obey the law. But what really is law and where did it come from? Is there a law that says we have to obey the law? We are all born equal under the law, so, where is it?

We are all told that we have free will. If that is true, maybe I will obey the law and maybe I will not. But I see people getting punished for breaking the law. So the law must be higher than free will. Maybe we should be told that we have the law instead of free will.

A few years ago, I stopped to think. My thinking made me realize how little I know. My thinking made me see things I had never seen before. I think you should hear what I have to say, because what I learned and discovered is truly from an original source.

Servant-King, is the birthright of every man from the moment of his first breath until his natural death. Birthright is a term not much used in our vocabulary today. Most people would equate it with some royal lineage or maybe their right to citizenship.
It is our birthright that holds our inheritance which in turn holds all of our power, property, rights and duties; and is our single most valuable possession. Unfortunately and unwittingly, we have all been deceived into abandoning our birthright in order to assume a graven identity.

“We have all abandoned our real birthright for an abstract birth certificate.”
This website is the result of an overconfident arrogant force that reached too far while I was sleeping. Not only did it wake me up, but I saw them. What seemed at the time to be a terrible wrong turned out to be for me a blessing in disguise.

This perceived wrong, led me on a quest, because the things I believed could not possibly be true. This quest ultimately destroyed almost everything I believed and replaced my beliefs with secure confirmed knowledge based on:

“Facts, Evidence, Proof”
This website does not contain my opinions or what I believe to be true, only what is really happening in our everyday lives. During my quest I made many discoveries that are not only unbelievable, but apparently are real, true and happening. I learned that belief is only the lack of knowledge, a poor and foolish substitute for the truth. Belief stands opposed to knowledge.

“Did you know nothing is ever what it appears to be?”
Thou art not what thou seem'st.
The concepts explained in my presentations affect everyone; the people of every nation on earth. Some of these concepts are easy to see once they are exposed, but some are very difficult to grasp. There is a subtlety to them. Right now these concepts are foreign and alien to your way of thinking. These concepts will require you to think like you have never thought before.

This website will:

• Reveal things you are not suppose to know.

• Give you knowledge that is not government approved.

• Expose things that are deliberately concealed.

• Unmask the illusion and fraud of deceivers.

• Teach you how the oldest trick in the book is done.

• Prove how you have been SWINDLED !


Who the thief is will SHOCK you.


You will be amazed by the everyday realties you practice and unbelievable discoveries hiding in plain sight.
Your long held beliefs will be shattered and replaced with confirmed knowledge.

And of course, you will obtain your can renew your mind.

The Reward: What you restored by default.

And finally. I will explain why they do this?

Get ready to be renewed !