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(Sequel) Movies That Want Your Soul 2 (2013)

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Movies That Want Your Soul 2

I made a Facebook page. Like the page because it will give you future information on my next film release. My Youtube account has been deleted and this will be the only way to be informed of any new projects. It's a possibility that I might sell my next film and through Facebook you would be informed how to purchase it.

Movies That Want Your Soul 2 was conceptualized two years ago. My idea was to make a film out of movie trailers. What prevented the film from happening was the lack of availability of downloading many movie trailers simultaneously. Now things have changed.

I downloaded about 500 movies trailers from 2012-2013. There are about 100 movie trailers used in this project. Most of these movies are in theaters now or are still waiting to be released. Narration is provided while examining reoccurring themes present in the movie industry.
Some of the topics include: Sex, Violence, Aliens, Zombies and Vampires, the Occult, and Satanism. Please be at least 18 years of age for viewing.

Thank You.

Check the info file below for more information