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See More Buds Volume 2 - 6 Gardens, 6 Growers, 6 Times The Knowledge

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See More Buds Volume 2 - 6 Gardens, 6 Growers, 6 Times The Knowledge

is the ultimate tour of 6 different grows. SeeMoreBuds visits Indoor, outdoor, hydroponic, aeroponic, and soil gardens. You will witness fluorescent lighting and High Intensity Discharge lighting (High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide) gardens of all sizes.

Learn about cannabis growing from not just one gardener but 6 different gardeners. Access to your peers' gardens is very limited…

SeeMoreBuds has opened the door for you. After watching this video the beginning grower will have a clear idea of the many possibilities available to him/her. The advanced grower will learn from the many details and nuances that SeeMoreBuds points out as you tour these 6 gardens. SeeMoreBuds will show you what these gardeners are doing correctly and what they can do to improve.

Some of the key elements in SeeMoreBuds Volume 2:

1. Learn how to grow big buds in a small garden
2. Learn different cloning techniques
3. How to make a perpetual harvest of non-stop buds
4. Proper watering technique that makes transplanting obsolete
5. Predators of the garden and how to fight them as never seen before
6. How to sex a plant (extreme close up macro shots)
7. 6 different set ups of all different sizes, from basements to closets
8. Easy winning soil mixtures
9. Detailed DVD menu to jump to your favorite garden
10. Access to so many gardens with SeeMoreBuds as your tour guide!
11. Indoor, Outdoor, Aeroponic, Hydroponic gardens