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Secrets of the Kabbalah Revealed

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"Secrets of the Kabbalah: Never before has there been such a total exposure of the deepest secrets of the Jewish religion. The spirituality of the kabbalah brings together a deadly cocktail of evil, mysterious practices and satanic beliefs. Mysticism, numerology, witchcraft, magic, occultism, satan-worship, and more are all woven together as part of the fabric of Jewish kabbalah. It is frightening to realize that so many high-level politicians and financiers—not to mention Hollywood stars and entertainers—practice the kabbalah. Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, singer Madonna, actress Sharon Stone, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, pop icon Michael Jackson, and, of course thousands of Jewish rabbis, are into this dark, wicked system of false religion. Christian Zionists and Judaizers are also unwittingly kept captive by the spider web of deceit of the kabbalah."


Christians never fail to amaze,,, founded as a jewish sect… possessing teachings based on an egyptian mystery cult… by jews, and for the jews of the holy land at the time… subsequently co-opted by pagans, and injected full of pagan imagery and ritual… then having committed the most heinous crimes of the last two thousand years … right up to and incl child sex abuse… possibly the most satanic thing a person can do///
and yet christians have to the gall to claim that "they" are persecuted, or that another religious system is "evil"…. look at your own history… at your own structure - wake up…-> then you can point a finger…

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