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The Secret Story Of The Knights Templar 3of3 The Fall of the Order

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Templar knights in their distinctive white mantles with a red cross, brave in the face of death rather than fleeing from the enemy, fighting for Christ and the Pope in the Holy Land during the Crusades. This documentary series aims at reconstructing, for the first time, in a complete fashion the evolution of the knights belonging to the Order of Solomon's Temple, whose original goal was to protect pilgrims during their travels to Jerusalem after the victory of the Crusaders at the First Crusade. The Knights Templar grew in power and wealth becoming the earliest banking institution of the Middle Age. They were so rich that they financed the King of France and benefitted from a direct and exclusive link with the Pope.

Through three episodes of 45 minutes each, you will discover the developments that led the Templars to extreme power and subsequently to becoming the target of an unprecedented campaign of hatred aiming to place them beyond the boundaries of humanity itself through inexpressible accusations of diabolism and monstrosity. Within two centuries, they were tortured, killed, burnt at the stake and completely extinct. The secrets and mysteries of their rise and fall will be attentively reconstructed by an accurate recourse to historical records which will also lead you through a time voyage in the period following the destruction of the Order. Discover legacies and mysterious traditions which claimed their posthumous survival.

Since the Middle Ages, the existence of the Templars has been shrouded in myths and legends. Thanks to the greatest experts in the history of the Order of the Temple, this documentary series reveals the origin of these knights of a new kind, both religious and combatants. From the arid lands of the Orient to the greatest royal courts of France and England, the Templars transformed a simple brotherhood of soldiers into a religious order ready to reign over the Middle Ages.
This three-part documentary charts the rise and fall of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem - better known as the Knights Templar: an order of monks who also worked as soldiers and from 1120 quickly gained power, wealth and influence with the blessing of the Catholic Church.
Discover the secrets of the most mysterious and powerful knightly order of the Middle Ages, from the rise of their heavenly power through to their fall within the flames of diabolism. From the rituals and traditions within the medieval knighthood, through the exterminatory campaign against them, to their supposed secret survival and their official legacies bridging the Holy Land and the European continent.

In our series, the mysterious story of the Knights Templar will be unveiled for the first time. We will distinguish between the abundant mythology that has been created about them and the newly acquired historical facts.

Part 3: The Fall of the Order
At the end of the 13th century, as Christian holdings in the holy land have disappeared, the Templars continue to push for a new crusade. But the king of France, Philip the Fair conspires to bring down the Order of the Temple, seeking absolute power for himself. Under the pressure of king, Pope Clemens V dissolved the order in 1312. Philip IV staged a sinister conspiracy resulting hundreds of Templars tortured and killed. In this episode, we reveal one of the most Machiavellian plots in History and discover the truth behind the end of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar left a legacy, both visible in a consistent number of castles, villages, and abbeys throughout Europe, and invisible through the diffusion of long-lasting traditions claiming the survival of individuals belonging to the Order, with their array of secrets and riches. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is only one of the many mysterious places to which a strong continuity with the world of the Templars is attached. At the end of the 13th century, when the Holy Land was definitively lost, the role of the Templars raised more and more questions. The Order of the Temple is quickly the target of accusations from the King of France who denounces homosexuality, blasphemy, demonization, heresy, secret rituals or idolatry. Above all, the knights have become too rich and too powerful and their order must be destroyed. This episode returns to the true story of the assassination of the Templars whose last members ended up burned in front of the people of Paris.