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The Secret Opening Atop the Sphinx Head in Giza [pack]

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The Secret Opening Atop the Sphinx Head in Giza [pack] Around 1798, Vivant Denon etched an image of the sphinx, although he hadn’t copied it that well. However, he no doubt knew that there was a hole on the top of its head as he had drawn an image of a man being pulled out. Vivant Denon’s sketch of the sphinx in 1798 depicts a man being pulled out of a hole in the sphinx’s head (public domain) A sketch can hardly be used as proof, but in the 1920’s an aerial photo of the sphinx taken from a hot air balloon showed that there is such an opening on the top of its head. 1920s aerial photo shows a hole in the sphinx’s head (Public domain) The Enigma of the Sphinx’s Head It seems quite clear from the totally different construction materials and color of the Sphinx head, which we believe is not rock, but some type of man-made substance compared to its limestone and eroded body, that the head and face of the Sphinx must have been changed from its original shape long after the monument was first carved. There is hardly any erosion to the head compared to its body. The sides of the headdress are quite smooth and we only need glance at the mythical creature to spot the lighter color of the body compared to the darkness of the head. According to Tony Bushby in his “The Secret in The Bible” a badly fragmented Sumerian cylinder tells a tale that could easily be taken as having happened at Giza and involving a beast that had a lion head with a tunnel entrance hidden by sand. Everything now points to the Sphinx body having been sculpted out of natural stone when there was frequent heavy rainfall and that takes us back to about the same time that Robert Bauval and Robert Schoch have calculated for the construction of the Orion’s Belt Pyramids, i.e. circa 10,450BC. The head of the sphinx appears to be made from different material to the rest of the body, and does not show the same level of erosion as the rest of the body comment: You may know that in the practice of Yoga the hole in one's head relates to the crown chakra, the secret occult door, a veil hiding many secrets. And you may also know that ancient Egyptians had created many of their monuments as a metaphor for stellar configurations or for the occult spiritual structures inside our bodies. And you may be interested in the fact that to the adept of the occult the Sphinx symbolizes a stage in ones occult development, one has to become like a Sphinx - to eventually open up the crown chakra and access the Akashic records, a secret cosmic library. Therefore we shouldn't be surprised the least to find a secret occult library, maybe written on stone tablets, hidden inside the head of the Sphinx or under the Sphinx, mimicking the Akashic records, or those segments of it relating to our history or spiritual development. Are you worthy to solve the riddle? ebooks A Search in Secret Egypt.pdf Complete Pyramid Sourcebook.pdf Egyptian Mythology A to Z.pdf IRELAND - Land of the Pharaohs.pdf Marie L Farrington - Facing the Sphinx, 1889.pdf Peter Goodgame - The Giza Discovery.pdf Prof Selim Hassan - The Sphinx, 1949.pdf Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid - H. Spencer Lewis.pdf The Great Pyramid of GIZA.pdf The Message of the Sphinx.pdf The Pyramids.pdf Zivie-Coche - Sphinx.pdf videos a Inside The Sphinx - Proof of Secret Internal Chambers.mp4 Secret Chambers beneath the Sphinx Rare Images show how to access the Sphinx.mp4 The Hole Atop the Sphinx Head.mp4 The Tunnels and Chambers Under the Sphinx.mp4 Time Capsule Hidden under the Great Sphinx.mp4 b Edgar Cayce Search for the Hall of Records, Egypt Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records Revealed.mp4 Edgar Cayce's Tour of Egypt.mp4 Huge Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up - Hidden Chambers, Unexcavated Mound.mp4 Remembering Egypt - An Edgar Cayce Video.mp4 Sightings The Secret of the Sphinx and Edgar Cayce.mp4 The Course of Human Civilization - Sphinx Atlantis Connection.mp4 The Sphinx Excavation and the Hall of Records.mp4 tags: Sphinx, Egypt, Giza, secret, chambers, hidden, library
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