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Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie (Tajna Nikole Tesle) [1980]

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I tried hard, but couldnt find this movie on the tracker already, so here goes ... pls speak up if its a dup ok.

FWIW, this is my favorite 'Tesla Bio' type movie.

The vast majority of it is in English ... with a smattering of German thrown in the mix.


This is a rare biographical movie Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie (original title: Tajna Nikole Tesle) (1980) which shows the life of this great inventor in the time of his greatest discoveries in America. When a young and gifted inventor by the name of Nikola Tesla (Petar Bo×ović) arrives in America, he first works for the famous Thomas Edison (Dennis Patrick) but later strikes a fruitful cooperation with George Westinghouse (Strother Martin). Together they battle against Edison in order for Tesla's superior system of alternative current to be accepted by the world community who currently uses only Edison's system of direct current. Later on the mighty financier J.P. Morgan (Orson Welles) joins the game as he provides Tesla with financial support to build his Colorado Springs laboratory only to completely dump him later on after he realizes Tesla's inventions could provide the world with unlimited free energy for everybody. See one of the most important periods of modern history and the tragedy of this great inventor who aspired to change the world towards a better place only to find out it was not ready for it yet. A rare attempt of biographical movie production by the former yugoslav (croatian) cinema, the movie being completely in english. 100 min. long. A must see for everyone.

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