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The Secret Book of the Black Arts (1878)

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The Secret Book of the Black Arts (1878) Containing All That Is Known Upon The Occult Sciences Of Demonology, Spirit Rappings, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Astrology, Palmistry, Mind Reading, Spiritualism, Table Turning, Ghosts And Apparitions, Omens, Lucky And Unlucky Signs And Days, Dreams, Charms, Divination, Second Sight, Mesmerism, Clairvoyance, Psychological Fascination, Etc. Also Giving Full Author Information About The Wonderful Arts Of Transmuting Base To Precious Metals And The Actual Manufacture Of The Precious Gems. All those dark mysteries that have captivated the imaginations, stimulated the investigations, and often baffled the keenest intellectual acumen of both by-gone and modern philosophers are here revealed in all their naked truthfulness. The fleshy integuments are stripped away, and the skeleton itself revealed. The Secret Book of the Black Arts Paperback – 1878 by B.L. Zabub (Author) Paperback from $200.00 ebooks: The Secret Book of the Black Arts (1878) 227p.pdf tags: magic, magick, black, arts, sorcery, witchcraft
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