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Secret Ancient Technology & Forbidden Archeology [pack]

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Secret Ancient Technology & Forbidden Archeology [pack] Amazing Ancient Pyramids Discovered All over Europe The fact that ancient pyramid's are found around the ancient world has led many people to suggest that they are evidence of cross-cultural contact between peoples in the ancient world. The addition of associated solar worship at many 'old' and 'new' world pyramid complexes certainly reinforces such an idea. At least 16 ancient pyramids are known across Greece. Examination by 'Optical Thermo-luminescence' has determined that the oldest one dates to a staggering 2,720 BC. Montevecchia there are the first pyramids ever discovered in Italy and the dimensions are quite impressive; the highest pyramid is 150 meters tall. The exterior angle of Silbury of Silbury Hill (30°), is the same as the latitude of the Great pyramid, whose exterior angle (51° 51'), is the same as the latitude of Silbury Hill. There are pyramids that have been discovered in Bosnia - Near the city of Visoko, 30km north of Sarajevo, there are five stone pyramids of monumental size. Ancient Technology that Gave God Like Abilities to Mankind Explains our true world history and its connection to the extraterrestrial presence. Explores new technology based on ancient wisdom that will greatly change our future.The Anunnaki of Sumerian lore were actually the Watchers and that, rather that coming here in search of gold, they came to the planet to "reconnect Earth to a cosmic conduit" that links to a heavenly realm. As part of this plan, he said, the Watchers taught "the secrets of heaven" to ancient humans and instructed them how to transform into proverbial angels. Is mystical technologies are converging to create a new layer of skin that will be enmeshed in a synthetic global brain, and how this new skin mimics the ascension cloaks of the ancient gods. These four technologies-- genetic, computer science, nanotech, and brain science are merging into a seamless technology that by 2020 will be offered to humans as a new kind of skin that has tremendous capabilities such as super strength, longevity, and even shape-shifting. Lost Underground City Discovered beneath the Giza Pyramids The discovery of the caves at Giza Plateau went on to feature the book Beneath the Pyramids. Thousands of webpages mentioned the cave discovery in some capacity. Such an incredible response finally prompted Dr Hawass to make a public statement. Under the heading "Collins' Cave Controversy" he voiced his opinion that our party had simply got confused inside a previously recorded tomb, thinking it larger than it actually was, adding that "there is no underground cave complex at this site" What the world was not told, however, is that Dr Hawass had by now ordered a full investigation of the tomb which took place through until the end of the year. The excavation team uncovered staircases in lobes on either side of the tomb's reception area. Each led down into an extensive subterranean level that stretches beneath the tomb and continues towards the south. Among the architectural features noted is a long central gallery, orientated north south, with carved pillars running down the middle. comment: William Henry has much insight into the gnostic teachings, but he seems to cover up the satanic agenda going on in this world. For example he speaks well of the United Nations and its plans for world government, and then he tries to make Jesus look like an adept of the occult, just like Buddha for example, such attempts being the hallmark of all anti-Christian Luciferians. Listen to him and learn, but beware. I do believe in free speech, and that's why I'll also seed the stuff being taught by people I disagree with, as long as it seems interesting. After all, I'm not your nanny - use your own mind. Effective disinformation is just like a sandwich: one layer of truth, one layer of lies, one layer of truth. ebooks Ancient Astronauts.pdf Blue Blood True Blood - Stewart A Swerdlow.pdf Earth's Forbidden Secrets, Part One - Maxwell Igan.pdf Forbidden Archeology's Impact - Cremo, Michael A.pdf Human Devolution, A Vedic Alternative to Darwin - Michael A Cremo.epub Human Devolution, A Vedic Alternative to Darwin - Michael A Cremo.pdf Jordan Maxwell - Pictures with a Message.pdf Jordan Maxwell - The Priesthood of the Jlles.pdf Sir Laurence Gardner - Bloodline of the Holy Grail.pdf The Incomplete Pyramids.pdf Transcripts of William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series.pdf William Henry - Atomic Christ.pdf William Henry - Blue Apples.pdf William Henry - Egypt, Greatest Show on Earth.pdf William Henry - The Skingularity Is Near.pdf videos Amazing Ancient Pyramids Discovered All over Europe.mp4 Ancient Technology that Gave God Like Abilities to Mankind.mp4 Lost Underground City Discovered beneath the Giza Pyramids.mp4 Mankind's Biggest Secret is Our Forbidden Origins.mp4 New Discoveries on the Ancient Megaliths of Dartmoor.mp4 New Everything you've been told about Evolution is Wrong.mp4 Real Giants Evidence has Been Hidden from the Public.mp4 Secret Ancient Technology How the Pyramids Were Built.mp4 Strange Archeology Discoveries - Ancient Artifacts that Defy Belief.mp4 The Advanced Civilization of Lemuria, Lost Continent of the Pacific.mp4 The Advanced Secret Space Civilizations that Broke Away From Earth.mp4 The Discovery of a 15,000 years old Metropolis Beneath Giza Plateau.mp4 The Java Pyramid, Oldest Man Made Structure Ever Discovered.mp4 The Mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes.mp4 Update Ancient Mummies Discovered in Peru are Reptilian.mp4 Was Jesus an Alien the Greatest Story Never Told.mp4 tags: pyramids, Giza, megalith, evolution, Lemuria, Essenes, mummies, aliens, archeology
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