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Second To Last YouTube Collection

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I uploaded this a month ago on the other torrent site. Wasn't going to upload it because people complain that there aren't descriptions for these collections. Well I only have a few uploads left in me and thought I should still upload this collection because there are some really good things in here. unplugem youtube channel and spoken Knight Ministries are both really good youtube channels and they are included in this torrent.

The avenged ministries is like a big review of everything. As far as the rest, I really can't remember because there were so many files and I went through them awhile ago. Believe all of the files included are on youtube. Check the filelist and search on youtube.

There might not be any seeders anymore. It's kind of sad how people don't seed. So I'll have to now reseed this whole thing. Putting this on my seedbox, but download will still be based on my home internet.

*Edit: it was and is on my seedbox. Should be able to download it faster


WOuld be more easy, if You post file list here as well, this would be great!

... when clicking the "Content" tab. These files are also searchable using the Search feature.