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Sean Stone interviews Sean David Morton on Buzz Saw

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Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone and frequently seen on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, interviews Sean David Morton, author of Sands of Time and early Area 51 researcher, on a variety of topics, including the break-away civilization, the veracity of the Apollo moon landing(s), colonies on the Moon and Mars, Gary McKinnon and the coming ET invasion. A bonus subdirectory contains some outtakes from the Columbian band La Monja Enana, or the Dwarf Nurse, the house band of Strange Universe Radio, SDM's regular internet radio show on

Full disclosure: SDM has said recently he is courting SCS for support on making a television series out of Sands of Time. SCS's father Oliver is reportedly currently engaged in researching material for a film about the neo-Nazi/proxy neocon takeover of the Ukraine.